“I have never heard anything about the resolutions of the apostles, but a good deal about their acts.” -Og Mandino

If I told you there is a secret to the Universe would you want to know what it was? What if I told you this secret was the single most important thing to the greatest Empires of history? Or that it was the driving force behind the spread of all of the World’s greatest philosophies and religions? Would you want to know what that was? How about if I told you that this secret was the key to the success of all great businesses large and small? Or that is was the secret to success for all of histories greatest Generals as well as the world’s greatest humanitarians? Of course you would want to know what that is!                                                          The secret is Action! All great things come from this! You may think and you may plan but unless you implement Action your greatest dreams will never come true. Don’t succumb to analysis paralysis! Make a move! Don’t just wait for you customers to call you! Get out there and hit the street because you have new customers to meet. There are so many people out there that need you help with their lighting! As a Lighting Specialist our job is to help people with their lighting problems. How can we do this unless we get into the mix and find out how we can help them? Asking the right questions. Looking for more good people to help. Imagine the state of the world if the great men and women of history decided to just wait for people to call on them for help!
Action is the key to making your career at Maintenance Engineering blossom into stellar one. At M.E. we supply you with premium quality tools and lighting products that will ensure your success. All you have to do is put yourself into Action!

Good Selling!

Maintenance Engineering Vice President Dennis Leno


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