Opportunity > Commitment> Effort> $Succes$$

Maintenance Engineering has a phenomenal opportunity here! We have a new state of the art Lighting Product Line whose quality is head and shoulder above ALL OTHERS in the industry! Change is sweeping the industry! Competitors are being forced out as they refuse to adopt new products and change their sales methods! This means their customers are changing vendors WHICH OPENS THE DOOR FOR US…IF WE MATCH OUR COMMITMENT TO THIS OPPORTUNITY!

Now is the time to ask yourself, “Does my commitment match the size of the M.E. Opportunity? We have a sea change taking place in our opportunity as it grows dramatically bigger! Does your effort then match your commitment?

Now is the time to focus your talent in the most effective way possible. This requires reviewing your sales skills and old time worn habits. Read 3 of  my favorite books:

#1 “Always Be Closing” – you’ve got to ask for the order!

#2 “How to Win Friends and Influence People”- it’s all about the people…the people you work with and sell!

#3 “As A Man Thinketh”- control your mind and you control the events around you.

Match your effort and commitment to this huge opportunity and watch the money flow to you!! Success will reward you in a magnitude that will surprise you!

This is the “Greatest Time of Opportunity! in my entire lighting career! Don’t underestimate it! Don’t pass it by! Seize this opportunity and convert it to CA$H!! Good Selling!

President Curt Kesselring

Curt Image





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