HYBRID… Worlds Best Lamp!

Maintenance Engineering’s HYBRID lamp beats all T-8 Fluorscents AND all T-8 LEDs on the market!!

  1. It beats ALL Fluorsecents with its GUARANTEED LIFE of 12 years on customers ballasts AND lasts an astonishing 20 years with Maintenance Engineering’s HYBRID ballast!!
  2. It also beats ALL LED’s including our own!! It lasts 12-20 years compared to Maintenance Engineering’s LED T-8 that has a 10 year guarantee. It clobbers the competition’s LED’s with their “restricted” 3-5 year guarantees!!
  3.  It is the Brightest beating all Fluorescents and all LED’s including our LED T-8! Maintenance Engineering’s HYBRID is 30-100% brighter than our competitors LED’s and 23% brighter than our own LED in Lumen Output (remember our HYBRID produces 360 degrees of light so more fixture is lit up and shining light down!)
  4. AND not only is our HYBRID BRIGHTEST when you install it, it STAYS BRIGHTER. Other Fluorescents lose 40% of their light!! Standard LED’s will lose 50% of their light before they die!!! Maintenance Engineering’s superb LED T-8 will lose only 20-30% over its 10 year guaranteed life. BUT Maintenance Engineering’s HYBRID maintains 95% of its Brightness over its 12-20 year life!

WOW! Lots of numbers that tell a simple story. Maintenance Engineering’s HYBRID lasts longer than any other fluorescents or LED on the market AND it stays brighter than the WHOLE BUNCH!!!

This lamp does everything but make cold calls and sell itself! It presents us with a huge money making opportunity. Make sure you introduce this lamp to every buyer in your area. Do this and you’ll be rewarded with fantastic sales and phenomenal commissions! Good Selling!

President Curt Kesselring

Kesselring, Curt new


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