Vice President Dennis Leno says “Turn Off, Tune Out, Begin!”


“Stop letting people who do so little for you control so much of your mind, feelings and emotions”- Will Smith

We live in an age of distraction. Electronic devices, the media, billboards, politicians, and junk mail all begging for our attention. Negative news and views trying to invade our headspace with THEIR agendas. What is needed is a revolution of a mindset.  A way to start out your day simply with a positive psychology. I propose three simple actions.
1. Turn Off – Turn off your Television. Did you know starting the day with screen time will literally cut your productivity down by 30%?  Manage your use of all electronic devices. How much time do you really need? An hour? 2 hours? Manage your screen time or it will manage you!
2. Tune Out– Tune out the noise from the rest of the world.  Debates on politics, differences in religion, and the “News” are all malignant to the cultivation of a positive psychology. Be present with the people you are with! Find a place that is quiet within your self. This can be helped by prayer, meditation, or both.
3. Begin– The key to freedom is taking responsibility for your mind and the knowledge that you can make a difference in your life. Be present. Start your day by a statement of gratitude and an action plan for YOUR agenda. Remember your job as a lighting specialist is to brighten a person’s day!
Vice President Dennis Leno
Dennis image

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