Who is your most perfectly matched competitor… WHY THAT’S YOU..your own TWIN, your CLONE!! BEAT this perfectly matched competitor and you are honored on the front page of the newsletter! Beat yourself on Consecutive Weeks and you appear in the most honored spots!

So…be a Consecutive Riser! It is more difficult …AND MORE PROFITABLE than you think! Why is it harder and so profitable? The average salesperson has a number of large orders during the year that spike their average. Therefore to bear it every week you have to GROW your sales… which GROWS your income!

Being a Riser, especially a CONSECUTIVE RISER is a profitable endeavor! Set your goal to achieve one Riser Week! Then do what makes you the BIG MONEY..PUT RISER WEEKS BACK TO BACK..for a Consecutive Riser string and BIG MONEY! Good Selling!


President Curt Kesselring

Curt Image


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