President Curt Kesselring “WHAT’S YOUR SCORE?!”

If I asked most ME salespeople what their “Score” was last week they would give me the volume they wrote. But that would be the wrong answer!

Think for a moment. Why did you join ME? Was it to write volume? No, it was to make money…a bunch of it! So your real score; the most important score of the week is “HOW MUCH MONEY DID YOU MAKE?”.

Most people let the commission dept. do their earnings computation The problem with relying on the Comm. Dept. do it is that you get your “Score” the Wed. “After” the game is over!! You don’t get it until it is too late to do anything about it. Today with the variety of products we sell with the wide range of Comm. Rates. Sales Volume is no longer an accurate measure of your “Score”.

I suggest that this week you begin computing your commissions on every order right after you write the order. Don’t let a day go by without computing your score for the day and adding it to your running total for the week.

This allows you to see where you are at and adjust accordingly. Do this weekly and keep a running total on the year as well as your weekly average. If you look at your daily earnings, your weekly earnings and your YTD weekly average earnings WILL GO UP! Nothing motivates you more than tying your score to your efforts with the result being your making adjusts to increase your efforts to increase your earnings.

IN THE SUMMER IT IS EASY TO SLIDE INTO HABITS THAT LOWER YOUR INCOME. Becoming aware of your daily income will make you aware of any change in your habits that lower your income. An “On the Fly Fix” will solve this problem immediately AND result in an INCOME BOOST! Now is the time to get out the Commission Table and your Calculator!! Good Selling!
President Curt Kesselring

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