Vice President Dennis Leno “The Anatomy Of Happiness”

Happiness! What is it? More ink has been spilled on this subject than any other. Histories greatest minds have searched for what is the definition of happiness and how do we achieve it. The word “happiness” is almost too vague given the amount of importance it has been given. What does it mean to be truly happy? As I have gone through life I have observed that their are three different components of true happiness.
1. The Pleasurable life– The pursuit and attainment of pleasure. A beautiful day, good food, good health, travel, loving relationships, and wealth. Pleasurable experiences that are pleasant and make us feel good.

2.The Life In Flow– Being in the flow or truly being good at what you do. When you are actively involved in trying to reach a goal, or an activity that is challenging but well suited to our skills, you experience a joyful state called “flow.” It is a feeling of “being in the now.” Being “in the flow” means being so excellent in your work that you don’t need to consciously “think” about what you are doing.

3.The Meaningful Life– This is knowing your signature strengths and using them in service of something larger than your self. Being part of a larger positive institution where you are making a difference for the positive in life.

At Maintenance Engineering it is our personal goal that we help you create true happiness in your life. By offering a a quality product that brightens peoples day you can be confident in the meaningfulness of our mission. With our training program we aim for excellence so that you can truly be “in flow” and our lucrative compensation plan allows for a healthy pursuit of the pleasurable life. Enjoy life! Be Excellent! and Brighten another persons day!

Vice President Dennis Leno

Dennis image


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