President Curt Kesselring “2017 Napa Valley- Be There!”

If you don’t see your picture in this newsletter you missed one of M.E.’s GREAT TOP PRODUCER TRIPS! Now is the time for YOU to make plans to join other Top Producers for our NAPA VALLEY-2017 TRIP! See some of the most beautiful country in California filled with beautiful vineyards, great restaurants and hundreds of small boutique wineries!

there are 4 ways for you to earn Trip$:

#1 Write $150,00 in e$ Volume. Note that you get a %25 bonus on all items with a base commission rate of 25%!!

#2 Be involved in M.E.’s Training program and earn additional Trip$. Plus the biggest benefit of being an M.E. Trainer is it KEEPS YOU SHARP AND MOTIVATED!

#3 Be a Top 5 Senior with only $1 increase and pick up another $500 Trip$!!

#4 AND if you are #1 or #2 in M.E. you pick up another $2,000 or $1,000 in Trip$!!

Everyone can get ALL or a substantial part of this trip paid!!

There are 3 great benefits of coming on the trip.

There are 3 great benefits of coming on the trip.

#1 It serves as motivation to get up and go to work each and every day!

#2 It gives you an opportunity to meet and build relationships with other Top Producers in M.E.

#3 It gives you a reward for all of your hard work!

The 2017 Napa Valley Trip will be one of our most fun trips ever! Make a commitment to yourself to be there. Make a commitment to do the things that will get you there! It will be a trip of a lifetime! Good Selling!

President Curt Kesselring

Curt Image




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