President Curt Kesselring “Mule Feed CD”


In 1972 a good salesman friend of mine gave me a “cassette tape” containing a speech by a Mr. Berger on the keys to being a Top Salesperson. The cassette was a 4th or 5th generation copy and hard to understand. But with some high tech work by our David Christy the audio of this 1940’s recording was restored!

We now call this our “Mule Feed CD” because of a memorable section on the CD describing how an old Mule Feed salesman used to sell mule feed to farmers using the power of enthusiasm. It is one of my favorite sales tips of the many on this CD.

This CD is over 60 years old but it is still one of the best primers on direct sales that I’ve ever heard. Every salesperson should listen to it once a week, as every time you listen to it you will hear another money making tip!

We give these out to new salespeople when they start but we don’t stress the value of listening to them on a regular basis. Consequently I am sending a CD to everyone in the Company who wants to make MORE MONEY on LESS EFFORT!! I ask that you listen to this tape every day for 1 week then decide if you have learned anything that will increase your income next week. If you did learn something that will increase your earnings then I challenge you to do two things:



#1. Commit to listening to this CD once per week… or more.

#2. Drop me a note telling me of your commitment to do this.

Sales is a very complex process…BUT…is most effective when done in a simple manner. The sales principles in this CD are timeless. Use them and you will become a Top Producer! Good Selling!

Curt Kesselring President

Curt Kesselring


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