Vice President Dennis Leno “Brighten Someone’s Day”

What an opportunity we have as lighting specialists! We have a product line designed to make our customer’s life better, more efficient, and economical. But all too often I have seen some reps rely just on the product and not enough on their own effect on customers.

Bringing joy to your life and others is an essential component to success. We generate happiness by how and what we think. Our own happiness then becomes contagious creating a domino effect in the people we interact with. With three steps we all can generate positive energy in our lives and the people around us.

1. Be a leader– Trigger happiness by taking responsibility for creating a fun experience for yourself and the people you work with. Change the tone or direction of negative conversation or experiences by taking responsibility for creating positive energy in all aspects of your life.
2. Have a sense of humor!– Lighten up! Don’t be so serious. Laugh at yourself. There is humor to be found in any situation. Some of the funnest and funniest memories of my life occurred during times that seemed to be the toughest.
3. Have compassion. Open your heart to other people! Everybody is going through their own struggle. Be mindful of that and help brighten their day! Compliment them and show your appreciation. You will be amazed at the results!

Vice President Dennis Leno

Dennis image


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