Vice President Dennis Leno “Create Positive Energy”


We have all had the experience of being around negative people and the adverse effects they can have on a person’s attitude. Letting negative people affect our attitudes can be a real detriment to our own life. Conversely have you been around a person that always seems to exude good energy? They make everyone feel happy to be alive and create a general enthusiasm and happiness wherever they go. What is it that this person is doing that the negative person is not? The secret is simple and can be achieved by anyone. If you focus on these three things you will nd yourself creating a real positive impact on your life and others.

1. Presence- Positive people live in the moment. They let go of burdens from the past            and focus on the “now.” They enthusiastically embrace the newness of their present experience and realize that people change.

  1. Attention- Positive people can make you feel like it’s all about you. They give you
    their full attention and make everyone they come into contact with feel special.They try to honor people with their full attention and engagement.
  2. Gratitude- Positive people realize the specialness of where they are. Being thankful for the people in their lives and the gifts they were given.

    Vice President Dennis Leno

Dennis image


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