Vice President Dennis Leno “Change”


Change is a positive thing. It is an essential component to life. Products are sold on its promise and political races are won. We accept change with open arms when it is someone doing it for us. But when it comes to changing ourselves it can be a very different thing. So often people accept a second-rate life instead of becoming the person they were meant to be. Why is that? What are the obstacles to change?

Obstacle 1

Uncertainty – Change is scary to people. It is the Unknown.

Solution: Trust yourself. You have the ability to figure things out. Be spontaneous and learn to thrive on it. This is the key to your success. Enjoy the adventure and live with a pioneering spirit!


Obstacle 2

Nonconformity– People are afraid to stand out. Other people want to label and pigeonhole you. It makes them feel uncomfortable. They want to define who YOU are and have you comply accordingly.

Solution: You have the ability to define who you are. Don’t be afraid of ridicule. Once you build enough momentum they will understand. Never be afraid to tell your dream to anybody! Stopping or starting is up to you.

Obstacle 3

Work– Work is hard. It can be uncomfortable and mean sacrifice. Making mistakes. Having to learn new things!

Solution: Work is also the great leveler. Empires are built on it. Its adversity is what brings out what we truly are! What great thing ever came easy? Embrace the struggle and become the person you are destined to be!


Vice President Dennis Leno

Dennis image


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