Vice President Dennis Leno “A COMMITMENT TO QUALITY”


What separates our company from the rest of the lighting industry? A commitment to quality. For the last 42 years we have built an incredibly successful company based on this one simple principle: quality in all things. It all starts with our product and our engineers who seek to find practical solutions to everyday lighting problems.

Our mission is to find ways to save time, energy, and money for all our customers.

It’s a mission I’m very proud of and it doesn’t end with our product. Our teams at the home office are experts in providing this quality. The list of expertise is vast with our trainers, customer service, IT, graphic design, and sales staff. All this ensures that our product and service quality is the BEST! But let’s not forget our ultimate provider is our lighting specialists and the quality service they deliver, in person, directly to our

customers. High quality service that provides practical solutions to our customers and the BEST product! This is something we all can be proud of!


Vice President Dennis Leno

Dennis image


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