President Curt Kesselring “One More!!”


I was first attracted to sales when I was in college. I held 3 jobs…all paying minimum wage…$1.25 per hour! Then a friend introduced me to Fuller Brush sales and I asked what I could make. My friend said he averaged $7.00/hr!! That was about 5 times what I was making!!

I started that next Friday afternoon and I made $0!! NOT quite what I hoped for! But Saturday I was out early knocking on doors…and guess what…I made some sales. I wasn’t a great salesman but I was practicing the first key to profitable selling…making as many calls as I could make. I quickly learned that the only time I could make money was if I was in front of a prospect who liked me AND liked my product! Soon I was making $7.00+/hour selling household products door to door!!

I learned that sales was not as difficult or as complex as I thought. I came up with a simple formula.

  1. Knock on as many doors as you can in a day. Car windshields never buy anything!
  2. Get the prospect to like you and they’ll listen to you.
  3. Be passionate about your products! My favorites were oven spray and holly berry room spray! I had a couple demos that had a 90% plus closing rate!
  4. Ask for the order. If you don’t ask you don’t get; so ask until you get!!

Simple techniques that worked then…simple techniques that work NOW! Starting tomorrow I challenge everyone to put yourself in front of as many prospects as you can! Make friends, as friends ONLY buy from friends…so become their friend! Be passionate about your product! Have fun with it! Put on a show with your demo! Part of my Fuller Brush demo was to spray the oven spray on my hand and lick it to show it was safe!! This worked every time! Then ask for the order…at least 5 times. Sounds like a lot…not really…if you’re nice about the way you ask! Remember you’re just talking to a friend you made!

Do all this and you won’t sell ONE MORE ORDER a week…you’ll sell ONE MORE ORDER per DAY!! This is the BUYING SEASON which means it’s the SELLING SEASON for those who practice these time honored fundamentals I learned in 1964!!! GO FOR IT!!

Good $elling,

Curt Kesselring President

Curt Image


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