Vice President Dennis Leno “GETTING TO THE DECISION MAKER”


Getting to see the person who makes the purchasing decisions for lighting can be challenging at times. Does it seem like we can’t even get through to this person whether it be by phone, email, or in person. This is a common complaint by many sales people across the nation. But is this real or just an excuse?

I say you can get through to almost any buyer if you just give him or her a compelling reason to do so. You have to sell the reason on why they would want to meet with you over anything else. You need to create a compelling reason for them to want to meet with you. Getting the appointment with the buyer is about selling the appointment. Not the product or the service. That’s for later. How can we become more compelling to the decision maker or the gatekeeper? It’s by offering expertise and knowledge that goes beyond your literature and catalog. Customize your message to the decision maker. Do some research on the buyer’s needs. Be brief and don’t sell more than the appointment. When talking to a prospective customer ask engaging questions that are compelling to the buyer. Don’t just talk in terms of saving money! Talk in terms of how you and your service can earn the prospect a profit and higher productivity!


Dennis Leno, VP

Dennis image



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