President Curt Kesselring “Frank’s on a roll.. We’re on a roll!


Congratulations to Ol’ #1, Frank Grendler, who showed what he is made of with this $17,386 CHRISTMAS SEASON SALES WEEK! One of Frank’s famous quotes is “The good ones put ‘em back to back!” And Frank has done that week after week AND YEAR AFTER YEAR since he joined M.E. in 1975. That’s 42 YEARS OF BACK TO BACK OF TOP PRODUCTION…FOR A CAREER TOTAL OF $11,756,075!!!

This is one of the best-selling times of the year as Frank proves year after year! People are in a “buying mood”…but you still have to call on them, make friends with them, give passionate promo and product presentations and ask for the order…if necessary 5 times!

Don’t sit on the sidelines this selling season! Get on the eld! Get in on the action! Risk carrying the ball! Risk getting tackled! Fight for the glory of a touchdown, a score, a good payday! Nothing energizes a salesperson like being where the action is…on the sales field! Nothing is more gratifying! Nothing is more profitable!!

You can do what Frank did…you can do your BEST next week! I must tell you that
Frank’s volume DID NOT include one order over $1,000!!! He wrote average order size orders to write $17,000+!! He merely reaped the rewards of all the accounts he has opened over the years! Frank is Mr. Average Salesman…who works every day, every week using the skills he was taught years ago. Today Frank, as a “Senior” salesperson, still runs with the sales leaders! I hope that you nd his $11,756,075 career achievement as inspiring and motivational as I do! Next week let’s all be like Frank! Let’s earn what we’re worth!!

Good selling!

Curt Kesselring President

Kesselring, Curt new


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