Vice President Dennis Leno “Back To The Future”


There was a study recently conducted by a digital marketing company that asked the question, “Do customers want or need to talk to salespeople now that the internet provides so much information on products?” What they found was contrary to what so many were expecting. The results were that 95% of the 200 corporate buyers polled wanted contact with a live human being to help with questions and education on products. Even if they preferred to order online they still wanted the option of human contact and service.

I have to admit that this is no surprise to me. As technology gives us more exciting and faster tools we still have to do the same things we always have done… build strong relationships with our customers. What the internet has allowed us to do, is connect with people quicker, more often, and service our customer base. Which is why I’m so excited about our new website. It promises to enhance our relationships with our customers and expand our business.


Dennis Leno, V.P.

Dennis image


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