President Curt Kesselring “Happy New Year”


This is going to be a transformative year! First we’re going to

be introducing our Personal Website Catalog that will enable

you to capture all of your customer’s lighting business from

Top to Bottom! Second, and most importantly, we’re going

back to basics focusing on recommitting to the fundamentals

of adding new accounts and building our account bases!

These two goals will double your income in the next two

years!! This will be a Year of Opportunity. A transformative

year for the company AND for everyone who commits to

making it happen.

2017 will mark the year that Superior Lamp and Maintenance

Engineering will join forces. We will continue to have friendly

competition while sharing dual account protection. We will

share one product line and one set of sales materials enabling

us to eliminate unnecessary and costly duplication. We will

share a common newsletter and Awards Program and most

of all we will share our all new Personal Website Catalog

which everyone will be receiving in the coming weeks. Take

a preview look at it at to see our website

catalog! It will give you an exciting look into our future.

2017 will be a transformative

year for the Company AND

for you. Our foundation

will remain the same. We

will still open new accounts

in the field in person! We

will still use our New Account Presentation to establish

our vendor relationship. And we will still provide face to

face service and phone repeat. As we incorporate your

Personal Website Catalog into expanding your repeat

sales techniques we must recommit to the basics of Direct

Sales which is all about people, face to face contact and

personal service!

2017 will be a year of change and opportunity! But as that

old saying goes “The more things change…the more they

stay the same.” This means we will continue to ride the

horse that got us here along with a new tool, your Personal

Website Catalog, which is designed to leverage your sales

talent in order to increase your income! There has never

been a better time to be with Maintenance Engineering and

Superior Lamp!

Good Selling

President Curt Kesselring

Curt Image



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