Frank Grendler Career Milestone $11,750,000 in lifetime production.


Everyone in Fargo wishes to congratulate Frank on his latest milestone of $11,750,000 in lifetime production. That means Frank just added the 7th diamond in his 3rd piece of M.E. commemorative jewelry! Frank has been #1 in sales volume for 33+ years, hence the name of Ol’ #1. Frank has also received every conceivable sales award at least once and some several times!

Frank and his wife, Peggy, reside in Iowa after spending several years living in Minnesota lakes country. Frank and Peggy have three grown children, three grandchildren, two great grandchildren and one spoiled dog! Frank and his wife Peggy are a huge part of the M.E. family and M.E. is very much a family to Frank. He has great relationships here and has nicknames for many in the Home Office!

For Frank, the M.E. opportunity has meant providing a good income for his family and enjoying the challenging yet fun career with freedom to work and play at his own pace. Frank’s work ethic is a great example to Rookies and Veterans alike. Frank’s advice for rookies is “Do your best, work hard and the results will take care of themselves.”

A few of Frank’s hobbies include pheasant hunting and fishing! Frank is now able to fish the mighty Mississippi for lake trout. He has also taken many trips to Canada fishing. He has been to Yellowknife, Northwest Territory, as well as Lake Athabasca. Frank says he can’t wait to return for the “Big Catch!”

Frank says the key to his success is, “Work.”
Congratulations Frank and thanks for 40+ years of motivation and inspiration!



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