Vice President Dennis Leno “Congratulations Frank Grendler!”


I would like to extend a very special congratulations to our All Time #1 Producer Frank Grendler on his achievement of $11,750,000 cumulative volume!! What an amazing testimony this is to his talent and more importantly his hard work.

Frank has made an incredible impact on the history of Maintenance Engineering. Over his 40+ years with us he has been an integral part of our training program as well as being our All Time Top Salesperson. He has made such an impact on this company that we have named one of our top quality sales awards after him. The Grendler Award. His career milestones have been countless and continue to inspire everyone in the home office and in the field. Frank is an absolute master at what he does and people that have worked with him can attest to this. What is his secret? It’s simple, hard work and staying focused on your goals.

Thanks for all your hard work Frank! You are an inspiration.

Dennis Leno, V.P.

Dennis image


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