President Curt Kesselring “2017 Plan”

2017 PLAN

If you fail to plan,
You are planning to fail.

~Benjamin Franklin

It’s January 11!! Almost 2 weeks into 2017!! Only 50 weeks left! What are we going to do with those weeks? What can we do now that insures we live life to the fullest and reach December 31, 2017 feeling pride in what we did with our God given talents in those 365 days?

General Dwight D. Eisenhower said it this way: “PLANS ARE NOTHING; PLANNING IS EVERYTHING.” General Eisenhower focuses on PLANNING as being where the value is. As a matter of fact he says “ALL of the value is in PLANNING…it is EVERYTHING!”

The value in PLANNING is that it reminds us to repeatedly THINK about the PROBLEMS we face and different strategies on how to approach them. The Marines have a saying that “No battle plan survives contact with the enemy.” No one can predict how others will react to your plan. Hence no plan will work since it cannot predict the variable you will encounter!

However, the main process of planning causes you to consider many of the situations you will encounter and possible responses you can chose from. Athletes practice endlessly for a game that never happens exactly as they think. Actually, little occurs that matches what you planned for. The practice, the thinking about the game and their options is where the true value is. Practice gives your brain practice in thinking about and solving some if not many of the problems you will face.

So…this year make a commitment to coming up with a plan for the next year…and the next month…and the next week…and the next day…AND your NEXT CALL…THEN DO IT!! No amount of planning will cause RESULTS! Only ACTION causes RESULTS so make sure your plan, includes a PERSON OF ACTION…YOU…AND RESULTS WILL BE CERTAIN!!

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