President Curt Kesselring “PERSONAL WEBSITE CATALOG!”


It’s live and ready to service your customers! Thousands of hours have gone into its conception, design, creation and testing…and we’re just getting started!! Someone once asked me if the website catalog was completed…and I said NO…it is a work in progress…changing…evolving…and improving every week…for all time!

First go to the front page of the newsletter and write down the name of YOUR PERSONAL WEBSITE CATALOG! Merely insert your rst initial and last name where shown and enter it into the address bar of your browser of your computer or phone. Press ENTER and you will be taken to the leading page displaying a friendly WELCOME from you. There your customer can chose to click on your catalog OR for personal service can click on your phone # to talk to you, the Company 800# for assistance in tracking you down or providing service or your email address to send you an email…ALL FROM THEIR SMART PHONE!!

The Lighting Catalog and Reward$ catalog are combined allowing a customer to purchase lighting products or Rewards Items with their REWARD$ OR CASH!! Go on the site and play with it! Get familiar with it so you can sell its features to your customers! Share it with your friends and relatives and show them how they can order fantastic quality lighting for their home or business!

One problem with our website catalog is that we haven’t gured out how to get it to make cold calls! So here’s the plan:

  1. #1  MAKE LOTS OF COLD CALLS and do your best to sell them using our POWERFUL 3-LINE CLOSE! Whether you sell them or not introduce them to your Personal Website Catalog for future orders!
  2. #2  CALL ON ALL OF YOUR DEAD ACCOUNTS using our New Account Presentation and 3-Line CLOSE. Sell them and introduce them to your Personal Website Catalog. Make sure they know we have a Quality level that ts everyone’s budget.
  3. #3  Hold off on introducing the website to your TOP-OF-THE-LINE ACCOUNTS. Keep selling them just as you have been. After you gain more experience with YOUR WEBSITE CATALOG, you can then decide if AND how you want to introduce it to your best customers.

Over the coming weeks we’ll be introducing you to other aspects of how you will make money off this fantastic tool. NEXT…CALL YOUR SALES COORDINATOR and they will give you a personal tutorial on this week’s information packet!

Welcome to tomorrow’s Lighting Company specializing in PERSONAL SERVICE AND QUALITY PRODUCTS!!

Good Selling

President Curt Kesselring

Kesselring, Curt new


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