Sales Corner “Personalized Service”

“Consumers are statistics. Customers are people.” – Stanley Marcus

Personalized Service

What separates from all other e-commerce sites is our emphasis on personalized service. Unlike most online companies we do not rely on automation as our method of “service.” Lighting is a personal thing and needs personal service. This means going out and meeting customers under the lights in which they work and live. There is no better way to help our customers than seeing what they see. This way we can make sure that they are getting the very best product for the job.

Scientists are finding lighting has a big influence on a person’s sense of wellbeing. As lighting specialists we guide our customers to the best solutions for their unique needs. Every customers situation is unique. offers a product line that will meet our customers lighting needs. It will also allow each lighting specialist to gain access to a broader customer base. It will serve as a introduction to the kind of personalized service we excel at.The new website is just the newest tool for connecting with customers new and old. Our mission is to provide personalized service that provides the best lighting for each person’s needs.



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