President Curt Kesselring “Can You See The Opportunity…For You?”



We have the Product Line! We have the Sales Tools!
We have the Website Catalog! You have the talent!

Do you have the motivation to put them together for one of the greatest money making opportunities in Direct Sales today?! What if you…??

#1 If you went on a campaign to open 2 new accounts per day with a FULL BOX ORDER on each AND you introduced them to your PERSONAL WEBSITE CATALOG?

#2 If you went on a campaign to reopen your Dead Accounts with our powerful 3-Line Close? It resells them on our quality, reopen them with a full box AND an introduction to your PERSONAL WEBSITE CATALOG! Sell them on the Personal Service that comes with the website!

#3 If you committed to doing this for the next 5 years? How many accounts would you have?? 1,250? $500/order? How many would be buying from your PERSONAL ONLINE CATALOG and giving you 100% of their web sales?!!

This is an opportunity of a lifetime and you are among the first who have the
opportunity to make it happen for yourself! These numbers are my numbers AND I believe
every good salesperson is capable of them…BUT DON’T USE MY NUMBERS! Use your own numbers then multiply what you feel is a normal repeat order, normal average order size, an expected repeat frequency AND your expected commission rate! Whatever numbers you use, the numbers will be impressive…too good to pass up…whether you’re new to the business, mid-career OR nearing the end of your career. Begin building your ONLINE REPEAT ACCOUNT BASE and have the retirement income you deserve!

True salespeople are Dreamers! Today your job is to let yourself dream because we’re in for a GREAT RIDE with new 21st Century tools AND a new product line that will be added EVERY YEAR! Last year we added a great LED line! This year we’re adding a CHEMICAL LINE! Next year we’re adding…a surprise line for the next 4 years! Imagine what your Personal Online Catalog will look like!

It’s going to be fun, it won’t be easy BUT it’s going to be pro table! Don’t miss this chance to Double Your Income!

Good Selling

Curt Kesselring President


Kesselring, Curt new


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