Maintenance Engineering “HOW TO USE YOUR PERSONAL WEBSITE”



  1. Continue building your account base with NEW ACCOUNT CALLS. Ask Buyers for their email address for your files.
  2. Continue making PHONE REPEAT CALLS. Ask for Buyer’s email address for your files.
  3. Continue making FIELD REPEAT CALLS to introduce new products and capture 100% of their business. Ask Buyer’s for their email address for your files.
  4. GATHER CONTACT INFORMATION on all Buyers who said “NO” to you or who you were unable to see. Ask for the Buyer’s email address for your files AND sell Buyer on your Personal Website.


  1. We will send your Buyers a monthly Newsletter designed to Re-Sell Top-of-the-Line lighting products to your existing accounts AND Up-Sell any leads you have entered into your Electronic Records System AND Up-Sell any Website Buyers you have, particularly those not buying Top-of-the-Line!
  2. The Newsletter will include YOUR CONTACT INFORMATION and YOUR PHOTO!! Your Personal Website WILL NOT be included.
  3. We will keep your information in front of your leads via separate Marketing emails so that the next time they need lighting they can place an order on YOUR PERSONAL WEBSITE!! You will be notified every time an order is placed!

Remember, you should still make personal calls on Leads and Accounts you want to develop AND Up-Sell them when possible. TOGETHER we will help your Electronic Assistant grow a second account base for you with the goal of DOUBLING YOUR INCOME IN 2 YEARS!!

Good Selling

Curt Kesselring President

P.S. Enter your account information as soon as you get it. If you have limited typing ability we will try to help you out. Whenever our staff members have free time they will enter account information for you. Together we will get the job done!

Kesselring, Curt new


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