President Curt Kesselring “KISS”


Keep It Simple Salespeople! If you make it complicated and you have to think…then this causes your Buyer to THINK…and this kills the sale! Keep it Simple! Keep it EMOTIONAL! DO THIS OFTEN! AND YOU WILL MAKE A LOT OF MONEY!!

Every salesperson has to learn…AND RELEARN to keep the selling process SIMPLE AND

EMOTIONAL! Today, go out and do the following simple things:

  1. Make friends with the first person you meet (front or back door) and ask them for their help.  SIMPLE REQUIRES NO THINKING!
  2. Make friends with the BUYER!
  4. Sell PRODUCT to BUYER with EMOTION!
  5. Ask the BUYER for an order with CONFIDENCE!
  6. LAST, Sell the BUYER on your new Personal Website Catalog with EMOTION!
  • As for their email address.
  • Send them an email with template 2 in subject line.
  • Ask BUYER to click on your website address in your email.
  • Point out your contact info (we don’t hide from our customers!)
  • Sell product Quality and Price ….with EMOTION!
  • Point out 1%-5% Reward$
  • Ask Buyer to click o REWARD$
  • Sell REWARD$ options, choice of promotions, AX Card, Gift Cards AND even Light bulbs!




You got an order plus you gave them an alternative to going to the Big Box Store or competitor’s website. Remember YOU WANT AND DESERVE every Buyer’s business! You deserve it because you provide personal, onsite service as demonstrated by the fact that you took the time AND spent the money to VISIT THE BUYER IN PERSON to help them with their lighting needs!!

It’s a SIMPLE BUSINESS…KEEP IT THAT WAY…YOU’LL MAKE A LOT OF MONEY with your sales presentation AND your new Personal Website Catalog!

President Curt Kesselring

Kesselring, Curt new


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