Visualize your Goals- See yourself in success.

  1. Dream big and use your imagination! Visualize yourself not only in victory but see yourself in meeting the challenges you may face and how you will defeat any opposition to the attainment of your goals.
  2. See yourself in success and what it feels like, looks like, tastes like, and even what it smells like!
  3. Have a daily visualization practice before you go out and start your day! Commit yourself to this and you will be amazed at the results!

Keep Stats- Revisit you progress towards your goals on a daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly basis.

  1. You want to know if you are pushing the ball forward.
  2. All the great performers in athletics, business, politics, and Sales know their stats.

Tell People!- You need people around you to support your dreams.

  1. Tell your family, friends, managers, and colleagues what your goals are.
  2. Let them know the how, why, and when of your goals!
  3. The people that care about you want to know your goals and how they can help.




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