President Curt Kesselring “BE A RISER EVERY WEEK… AND you’ll be certain to have a pay increase!!”

The reason is because e$ volume represents the commissions earned on any given volume. e$ Volume ties directly to commission. As commissions go up so does e$ Volume. This results in an awards program that is fair to all because it is based on money earned not sales volume.

e$ volume represents commission dollars!

The reason you want to be a Riser EVERY WEEK is because this indicates that this week’s commission is greater than your average commission last year! So beat your e$ Average from last year every week! Imagine if you set your goal to beat your last year’s e$ Average every week for 52 weeks! You’d for sure have an income increase! Note that to be listed as a Riser in the newsletter you had to beat your last year e$ Average by at least e$200! So…be a Riser every week and you are GUARANTEED an income increase!

Good Selling!

President Curt Kesselring

Curt Kesselring


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