In the past months we have introduced a host of new business tools. At first they appear complex and hard to use. Gradually most of us have learned how to incorporate them into our business. Here’s a summary of how you can be using these to build your career…regardless of whether you are at the front end of your career or a Senior considering semi-retirement.

ROOKIES: You are starting out with the most incredible, high quality product line in our industry. We have the BEST LED products in the industry and a HYBRID™ fluorescent that trumps even the best LED tubes…OURS!! Rookies have Personal Website catalogs, electronic records systems, personal emails with templates to sell your customer and prospects on your personal website.

VETERANS have the power of our electronic records system and electronic order entry tied with a Premium Quality broad product line that allows us to take advantage of rebates and building retrofits. Veterans are selling more $5,000+,$10,000+, and $20,000+  orders than ever in history. Plus they have a broad product line making it easier to open and develop New Accounts!!!

Veterans are using their personal website to get 100% of a Buyers’ business by being at their Buyers’ fingertips when a need arises and when a buyer has time to browse our entire product line.

SENIORS: have an incredible opportunity to extend their careers by introducing their Buyer’s to their Personal Website Catalog. Now buyers can buy 100% of their lighting needs without having to wait for Sales Rep to call on them in person. A generous Reward$ Program ties the customer to their Personal Website Catalog and will extend that accounts life through the rest of the Senor’s life… long after they have quit making field calls!

We have an incredible opportunity now; bigger and more exciting than ever! Make sure you are taking full advantage of every aspect and every tool available to you. Don’t leave money on the table by being slow to understand and adopt the phenomenal new tools we have!

Good Selling,

President Curt Kesselring

Curt Image



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