Sales Corner “Making Things Happen”

“If  there is no wind, row.”-Latin Proverb


Everyone wants to move ahead in their career. But so often there is a feeling of helplessness in doing this. Before you know it time has moved on and you feel stuck in the same place.  Here are 4 key points to making things happen.

1. Vision

What is the goal you want to achieve? Where do you want to be in your career? What lifestyle do you want to live? Take time to write out your vision of you!

2. Direction

Now that you have the vision of where you want to be, you need a map to get there. Make a list of what things you need to do to get there. If its sales, you might say you need to make more calls, work longer days, or even work with your manager more. These statements will be the points that make the map to your success.

3. Discipline

Once you have the map use it everyday. Consistency in the key. Train yourself as though you are an Olympian athlete. Don’t give yourself any excuses!

4. Focus

Remove distractions! The Media, especially TV and the internet- all distract from your goal. Look at your goal as a target that you must hone in on and do not let up until you hit it!




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