President Curt Kesselring “Company Names And Logos”

The last year has been one of dramatic change with our objective being to reduce duplication, separate private labeled product lines, separate marketing materials and separate website development and maintenance  and Company names.

MEBULBS is the shared website name and this is the most dominant name we share. to minimize customer confusion we decided that both companies continue to sell under their name and use Company specific order blanks. Beyond that we decided to use MEBULBS for our shared name, adding the individual Company names when needed.

Recently we review our policies for use of individual Company names. Both ME and SL have been using a “.com” address in their products for over 10 years. The one thing we underestimated was the brand presence both companies have with each having millions of lamps in customer’s businesses with the Company name on them. This is a valuable asset as we were reminded recently when a satisfied customer called us with a request for a repeat order of a product they had purchased over 10 years ago. They used our name on the tube to track us down to place an order for two 30 packs of 4′ lamps identical to the ones still burning in their facility (5 year guarantee!)

We have reviewed our policy for individual Company names and going forward will display both Company names on all our packaging, order blanks, invoices and marketing material. They will be used in conjunction with the MEBULBS logo. When cost permits we will show only one name. Presently we have used up most Superior boxes but still are using up some the ME boxes. The new designs  will include the MEBULBS logo on the carton with the Superior and ME logo on the sides. In the meantime we will add Superior labels to the boxes. Our plan is to continue showing both logos on our literature, packaging and websites for the foreseeable future, at least for the length of our longest guaranteed lamps that our customers have in their fixtures (minimum 10 years!!)

Enclosed are a couple of examples of how we intend on using both the Superior and Maintenance Engineering logos. I hope this satisfactorily conveys our logo policy as we want satisfied customers to easily find us when they want to reorder!

Good Selling,

President Curt Kesselring

Kesselring, Curt new



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