Curt Kesselring “WHAT WILL OUR FUTURE BE?”

It will be what we make it! And we will make it a GREAT FUTURE! Our industry has gone through some dynamic changes. Consequently we are adapting to those changes by are implementing plans to take advantage of these new opportunities. This will insure that Superior and M.E. continue to be a GREAT OPPORTUNITY!

Here is an update on what we are doing now:

Step 1 – We are implementing a new business model which takes advantage of our Direct Sales Skills and combines them with the power of electronic marketing. We have contracted with the #1 Consultant Firm in this field to assist us in this project. They are also the oldest in this field and are working for major Fortune 500 companies.

Our Direct Salespeople will continue to provide powerful Face-to-Face Service, consultation and the sales skills to upsell premium products. Our website will provide additional new accounts for us and our newsletter emails will insure we are at the TOP-OF-THE-MIND when Customers need product.

If a Buyer needs service, they will contact their Assigned Salesperson through the contact information on the Salesperson’s Personal Website Catalog. If there is no need for personal contact, then the Buyer can order directly on the Salesperson’s Personal Website Catalog!

Step 2 – Light bulbs today last a lot longer so we are adding additional products resulting in a shorter repurchase cycle of 1-3 months. Salespeople will be able to handle more accounts with the help of their Personal Website Catalog.

Step 3 – Our computer will provide customers with a biweekly email newsletter designed to resell the Buyer on the products they have been buying, introduce new products with demo videos as well as keep them up to date on our REWARD$ PROGRAM!

Step 4 – Our website will be made available to Search Engines that will bring new customers to us in addition to our traditional Cold Call Skills. These accounts will be made available to Phone and Field Salespeople to upgrade, provide onsite service, demos and new product introductions.

We believe that with our product line expansion, email marketing, website generated new accounts that our opportunity will double our income potential! These are exciting times! Make sure you take full advantage of this opportunity both now and in the coming year!

Good Selling!

Curt Kesselring

Kesselring, Curt new


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