President Curt Kesselring “New Accounts”



As you all know NEW ACCOUNTS are the lifeblood of every business…including ours! Summer can be a much better time to open New Accounts than most salespeople think. Here’s why:


In most businesses the pace slows in the summer due to the increase in the number of employees on vacation. Fewer meetings are held because it is more difficult to get people together…as someone is always on vacation. The result is Buyers are easier to get to and have more time to talk to you. This offsets the fact that you have to make more calls due to Buyer’s being on vacation.


Appointments must become an important tool for you. When a Buyer is not in, get their phone number, email address and the time and date they are going to return. Then set appointments during the hot part of the day for the hot part of the day. Keep your mornings scheduled for making calls in the field.


In the summer you will have to make more calls and set more appointments but your closing rate will be higher since in the summer most Buyers have more time to talk to you. Use your cool mornings to make field calls and save your hot afternoons to set appointments for afternoon appointments.


The worst thing you can do is buy into those old excuses for not making calls. It’s too hot, everyone is on vacation so I’m just going to stay home and pray for a good account to call me with an order! We all know it gets really HOT in the summer and really COLD in the winter…and we can’t pay our bills with sweat or snow. Remember HARD WORK trumps EVERY ADVERSITY. By working SMART and HARD this summer you can open a bunch of new accounts that will pay you commissions for the months and years to come! It will also make you feel good about yourself by joining that group of winners who create their own destiny and have a profitable “NEW ACCOUNT” summer!


Good Selling

President Curt Kesselring

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