Sales Corner “How Do I Benefit From Facebook

Question? How do I benefit from Facebook.

Answer: Facebook is a great way to connect with the home of Office, your fellow sales people, customers and prospects. If you don’t have your own Facebook page don’t worry! Setting up a page is free and easy. Go to and they take you through the set up process. You can also ask a friend or family member to help you set up an account.

So how can you get connected with the Home Office on Facebook? The easiest way is to “like” this page. https://

It’s the Official Facebook site for By “liking” our page you automatically “Follow” our site. Make sure to “like” the posts especially when you find them useful. Facebook will then prioritize our site and its content into your newsfeed or your “Home” page. The more “likes” gets for our posts the more they will prioritize it in your newsfeed.

Another thing that you can do is “Share” posts. This will take an post and repost it on your Home page. By sharing a post, your Facebook friends will see that post. If they also “like” the post that creates a greater network for yourself and If you want just one person to see a “post” then you can share with them directly via a “message”.


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