Being a Sales Representative for
MEBULBS in today’s Lighting Market.

The industrial lighting market is one of the largest commercial markets in the U.S. It ranges from small family operated stores to the giant blue chip corporations of America. From the first time a business opens its doors until the day it discontinues business, it must have lighting products to operate! While these businesses are in operation, they are consuming lighting products at a substantial rate. A medium size motel, for example, will consume 5000-7000 short life lamps per year!

We are in the lighting replacement market and it is virtually immune from swings in the economic climate. Whether a customer is having a record year or a below average year, they still need replacement lighting products. This results in the replacement lighting business being a truly recession proof, depression proof industry.

What better place could there be than in a career selling a product everyone must have, in a market of unlimited size, and immune to swings in the nation’s economy? Here, more than in any other type of sales, a sales representative’s income is unaffected by outside forces. A profitable and exciting career is insured in this industry for everyone who uses M.E.’s successful selling tools and works hard in their application.

If You Are Interested in Becoming a
Maintenance Engineering Sales Representative,
Please Submit Your Resume to our Personnel Department at:


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