Did You know? Ladder Light Technology

Did you know the Ladder Light uses cutting-edge 32-bit microprocessor technology to monitor the internal component temperature. If the temperature rises too high, it automatically scales back the current supplied to the LED chips to protect them from overheating, thus extending the product life.




Did You Know? Safety Ladder Lights..

Did you know the Ladder Light can be a lifesaver not in just smoke, but also in snow! Last month, a re ghter lost sight of his rescue ladder in a very bad snowstorm during the day. The dangerous situation was resolved when the Ladder Light was activated and the firefighter found his way back to safety, not in just smoke but also in snow! The Ladder Light was designed by firefighters, and is built in the USA!

There are over 230,000 rescue ladders in the re service that can use this light, so the market is very large.





Did you know? LEDs and Dimming

Did you know that the new LED lamps can be dimmed and make excellent replacements for incandescent and halogen lamps? You can save energy and increase light output! By changing 1 incandescent A19 to an LED A19, you can save up to $95.66 in energy savings alone per year!

LED’s that replace halogens and incandescent lamps have up to a 12 year warranty, so imagine going all those years without having to change a light bulb!



Did You Know?? Storing Fluorescent Lamps…

Did you know that storing fluorescent lamps on one end can lead to hard starting and poor initial performance? Mercury inside the tube can “fall” to the lower end of the lamp during storage. By not having mercury evenly distributed throughout the lamp, it will take longer to start. It will also take longer to get up to full brightness and you may see swirling. Fluorescent lamps should always be stored horizontally.



Vice President Dennis Leno “Much To Be Thankful For!”


I have much to be thankful for this year. A wonderful family, good friends, and a good life. But I would like to use this column to extend a special thanks to all of the hardworking people of Maintenance Engineering. When President Kesselring and I started this company over 40 years ago we had no idea where this journey to success would take us. What a wonderful journey it turned out to be!

I am so very thankful for the quality people that have made and continue to make our company one of the leaders in the Lighting Industry! I feel so honored to have worked with so many good people over the years! Your dedication, perseverance, and high standards have helped make this company what it is today! You all are an inspiration!


Happy Thanksgiving!

Dennis Leno, V.P.


Dennis image

Did you know? Halogen Floods..

Did you know that when you are replacing incandescent flood lamps with Maintenance Engineering’s halogen floods, you can use the lamps as either light boosting devices or energy saving devices? For maximum light output, you can match the wattage of the incandescent and get about double the light output. For maximum energy savings, you can drop to about half the wattage of the incandescent and still match the light output. You can also pick a halogen lamp somewhere in-between and still get increased light output and some energy savings, just lesser amounts of each. It is up to you to decide what the customer requires.