There are a lot of ways to sell but nothing matches the cold call in effectiveness and stature! A salesperson who makes cold calls is admired by everyone in the sales profession. The reason is its effectiveness. A Cold Call puts you face to face with the Buyer in their place of business. Face to face allows you to read the Buyer’s body language while hearing what the Buyer is saying AND how the Buyer is reacting to what you say. This allows you to instantly tailor your presentation to that individual buyer.


Cold Calls also put you in the Buyer’s facility and where you can see what products the Buyer uses and their condition. Better yet you can see how your products can help the Buyer improve productivity, accuracy AND attitudes! Best of all a Cold Call allows you to become their friend…and we know people buy from friends. If you’re a Buyer’s friend they will call you before they place an order with for “LAST FOREVER” 3 generations old LED product. The best part about calling on a Buyer in person on your first call as well as repeat calls is they can see that you truly care about them AND their facility. You become their “GO TO” person whenever they have a lighting question or need.


I’ve seen salespeople win over Buyer’s because after a “Hard no” on the first call. The salesperson continued to call on that Buyer whenever the rep was in the area. The Rep soon became a better friend than the Buyer’s existing supplier and demonstrated better service then the existing supplier! This led to the Buyer switching vendors…to our salesperson! As a matter of fact most of the large M.E. accounts were acquired this way!!


Cold Call skills are powerful and effective. Take a look at your sales tool box and see if you are maximizing your use of this most POWERFUL TOOL! It can be the reason you have a FANTASTIC NEW ACCOUNT SUMMER AND A FANTASTIC REPEAT SALES FALL!




President  Curt Kesselring

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President Curt Kesselring “PHONE OR IN PERSON”

PHONE…OR IN PERSON?                             


The phone is a powerful tool of convenience! We can call a buyer who is 30 minutes away and sell him a repeat order. We save time and pick up a nice $600 order! However, there are downsides to using the phone. Here they are:


  • We aren’t updating the Buyer on the new products we have added…we’re letting them learn about new products from the Big Box Stores or the peddler selling cheap LED fixtures.
  • We’re not strengthening our relationship, our friendship. Remember friends buy from friends. Is our friendship strong enough to counter a peddler’s pitch on “cheap LED’s that last forever”?
  • When was the last time we did a “Lighting Survey” of the Buyer’s facility to see where else we can help them with better lighting?
  • Does the Buyer think of you FIRST whenever they have a lighting question?
  • When was the last time you got a lead from that Buyer on a neighboring business or Buyer’s across town that you Buyer knows?


A phone call is a powerful tool but the field call is even more powerful. Be sure to use Field Calls to cement your Buyer’s to you and be sure to use Field Calls to build your account base.


This past week Paul St Jean wrote one of his key accounts for a $78,000 order!! I asked him how he got that account. He said “It all started with a field call…I got tossed out!” He then followed that with numerous Field Calls, and numerous small orders over a 2-year period. As he built his relationship the orders grew in size…ALL FIELD ORDERS! It culminated with this large order…and the BUYER is only half relamped!


Everyone has accounts that can be developed with good service. Take a look at your accounts and ask yourself these 5 questions:


  • Can I provide them better service?
  • Do they know about other products I offer that would improve their lighting?
  • Am I the first person they think of when they have a lighting need?
  • Am I seeing them often enough in person?
  • Do I deserve more of their business?


We have the best lighting product line in the world! We have the best money making opportunity in the lighting industry! All we have to do is to make sure we let every Buyer know what we have to offer!


Good Selling,

President Curt Kesselring

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President Curt Kesselring “New Accounts”



As you all know NEW ACCOUNTS are the lifeblood of every business…including ours! Summer can be a much better time to open New Accounts than most salespeople think. Here’s why:


In most businesses the pace slows in the summer due to the increase in the number of employees on vacation. Fewer meetings are held because it is more difficult to get people together…as someone is always on vacation. The result is Buyers are easier to get to and have more time to talk to you. This offsets the fact that you have to make more calls due to Buyer’s being on vacation.


Appointments must become an important tool for you. When a Buyer is not in, get their phone number, email address and the time and date they are going to return. Then set appointments during the hot part of the day for the hot part of the day. Keep your mornings scheduled for making calls in the field.


In the summer you will have to make more calls and set more appointments but your closing rate will be higher since in the summer most Buyers have more time to talk to you. Use your cool mornings to make field calls and save your hot afternoons to set appointments for afternoon appointments.


The worst thing you can do is buy into those old excuses for not making calls. It’s too hot, everyone is on vacation so I’m just going to stay home and pray for a good account to call me with an order! We all know it gets really HOT in the summer and really COLD in the winter…and we can’t pay our bills with sweat or snow. Remember HARD WORK trumps EVERY ADVERSITY. By working SMART and HARD this summer you can open a bunch of new accounts that will pay you commissions for the months and years to come! It will also make you feel good about yourself by joining that group of winners who create their own destiny and have a profitable “NEW ACCOUNT” summer!


Good Selling

President Curt Kesselring

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  • Joined the Company May, 28, 1975.
  • 42 years in the business!
  • #1 in Company Year to Date e$Volume!
  • #1 in Company history with $12,068,000 volume!!
  • Started in field in Cedar Rapids, IA.
    • Averaged 50+ calls/day!
  • Trainers complained that they had to run to keep up with him between calls.
  • Presently works the phone calling cards NO ONE WILL CALL!! These are cards no one else could sell!!
  • Frank is 78 years old
  • Frank sells primarily NON-LED products!
  • Frank has few accounts over $2,000/yr!
  • Frank uses a very simple basic presentation 20+ times per day!
  • Frank’s SECRET…keep it simple AND WORK!!!


Frank, we’re all proud of you. You’ve earned the nickname Ol’ #1! Keep inspiring all of us!!



President Curt Kesselring

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Curt Kesselring “WHAT WILL OUR FUTURE BE?”

It will be what we make it! And we will make it a GREAT FUTURE! Our industry has gone through some dynamic changes. Consequently we are adapting to those changes by are implementing plans to take advantage of these new opportunities. This will insure that Superior and M.E. continue to be a GREAT OPPORTUNITY!

Here is an update on what we are doing now:

Step 1 – We are implementing a new business model which takes advantage of our Direct Sales Skills and combines them with the power of electronic marketing. We have contracted with the #1 Consultant Firm in this field to assist us in this project. They are also the oldest in this field and are working for major Fortune 500 companies.

Our Direct Salespeople will continue to provide powerful Face-to-Face Service, consultation and the sales skills to upsell premium products. Our website will provide additional new accounts for us and our newsletter emails will insure we are at the TOP-OF-THE-MIND when Customers need product.

If a Buyer needs service, they will contact their Assigned Salesperson through the contact information on the Salesperson’s Personal Website Catalog. If there is no need for personal contact, then the Buyer can order directly on the Salesperson’s Personal Website Catalog!

Step 2 – Light bulbs today last a lot longer so we are adding additional products resulting in a shorter repurchase cycle of 1-3 months. Salespeople will be able to handle more accounts with the help of their Personal Website Catalog.

Step 3 – Our computer will provide customers with a biweekly email newsletter designed to resell the Buyer on the products they have been buying, introduce new products with demo videos as well as keep them up to date on our REWARD$ PROGRAM!

Step 4 – Our website will be made available to Search Engines that will bring new customers to us in addition to our traditional Cold Call Skills. These accounts will be made available to Phone and Field Salespeople to upgrade, provide onsite service, demos and new product introductions.

We believe that with our product line expansion, email marketing, website generated new accounts that our opportunity will double our income potential! These are exciting times! Make sure you take full advantage of this opportunity both now and in the coming year!

Good Selling!

Curt Kesselring

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Sales Corner “”If you’re not having fun, you’re doing it wrong” – Curt Kesselring”

”If you’re not having fun, you’re doing it wrong” – Curt Kesselring

One of the greatest things you can do for another is to brighten their day. So often this is taken for granted as something that just “happens”. But good energy doesn’t “just happen” it can be consciously generated in all of your customer, work, and personal relationships. Make it a personal challenge to be the person that brings joy to wherever you go by following these four simple actions.

1. Help- How can you help a person have a better day? Meet people with a spirit of wanting to help. If a person is having a bad day try and help them have a better one.

2. Happiness- Make it your personal mission to bring happiness wherever you go. Take responsibility for lifting the energy of the people you meet.
3. Humor- Having a sense of humor is a great way to brighten someone’s day. Don’t take yourself too seriously. Find the humor in situations and point it out!

4. Honor- Honor a person for who they are. Compliment them on everyday things that may go unnoticed.

Do all four of these together and you will have fun, the people around you will have fun and everyone will be more successful!




Why do some salespeople’s sales plateau . . . or even decline? There is only one reason for a decline in sales and income . . . and that is a decline in the number of new accounts that a sales person opens.

We used to have a sales person, who passed on years ago, but left us with some time honored wisdom. He always said to me, “Curt, ALL accounts have finite lives. It’s only a matter of time until you lose them!” Consequently he made it a point to open as many new accounts as he could each week AND CONSEQUENTLY he was one of our Top Producers. He wasn’t, however, our best salesman, just someone who wrote more volume because he had more accounts than most of the other salespeople!

New Accounts are the lifeblood of our business AND believe it or not, Summer is a good time to add accounts to your file box. Yes, more buyers are on vacation, but the ones that aren’t are more willing to talk to you. If they aren’t in, get their business card and set appointments in the afternoon between Repeat Phone calls. Use those “cool” mornings to make “cold” calls. If they’re in, pitch them. If not, get their business card and set an appointment.

So, use Summer to refill your file box and watch your volume take a leap this Summer and especially this Fall. In the Summer the number of Calls you make increases but so does your Closing percentage AND your Sales AND most importantly your INCOME INCREASES!!

Good Selling,

President Curt Kesselring

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