Safety Coated Fluorescent Lamps


Safety Coated Fluorescent Lamps

Xtreme Duty Construction

-16 mill Polymer Coating for Xtreme Durability

– Meets Safety Standards (FDA, OSHA, USDA, NEC)

– Sealed Design fully contains lamp if broken.

– No sleeves or end caps to fight with.


Advertisements Incandescent Indoor Reflector


Multi-Watt and Maxlight Indoor Reflector

Xtreme Duty Construction

-Nitrogen-Aragon Gas Fill reduces blackening and maintains brightness

– 5 Vibra-Shok Filament Supports to resist shock and vibration

– Brass Base resists freezing in the socket.

Guaranteed to last 24 months!


Sales Corner “How Do I Benefit From Facebook

Question? How do I benefit from Facebook.

Answer: Facebook is a great way to connect with the home of Office, your fellow sales people, customers and prospects. If you don’t have your own Facebook page don’t worry! Setting up a page is free and easy. Go to and they take you through the set up process. You can also ask a friend or family member to help you set up an account.

So how can you get connected with the Home Office on Facebook? The easiest way is to “like” this page. https://

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Our Xtreme Duty Fixtures and Ballasts are state of the art!



     Our Premira Electronic Ballasts is the leading ballast in the industry.

  •         Our Electronic Ballasts are guaranteed for an amazing 50 years!

-features rivet style soldering which is vibration resistant ensuring excellent electrical connections!-

  •          Xtreme Duty  ballasts also use metal heat sinks which transfer heat away from  the critical electronic components.
  •           The small lightweight design is up to 44% lighter than average magnetic ballasts.

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