Did You Know? LED lamps can replace..

Did you know that the new LED lamps can
be dimmed and make excellent replacements for incandescent and halogen lamps? You
can save energy and increase light output! By changing 1 incandescent A19 to an LED A19, you can save up to $94.61 in energy savings alone per year! LED’s also have up to a 12 year warranty, so imagine going all those years without having to change a light bulb!




Harvest time!


  • –  Weather is cooling down
  • –  Buyers are in and ready to buy
  • –  Days are getting shorter

    Fill your le box now with NEW accounts so Snowy, Cold weeks won’t slow you down!!


  • –  Buyers are easier to get to
  • –  Buyers are not rushed
  • –  Buyers are willing to talk

President Curt Kesselring “Harve$t Time Is Here!”


Every account in your file box can be repeated 1-5+ times between now and Awards Year-end in January! You worked hard to open and develop your account base. Now is the time to harve$t those account$!!

Growing up on the farm, I watched the excitement in my father as we harve$ted our crops…a major portion of our income! He followed his “Rule of Harve$t”! He worked sun-up to sun-down 6 days a week to insure he didn’t lose any of the crop to “The Competition.” On the farm the competition was birds, rain, wind and even sometimes early snow. He wanted to get that grain in the bin and eliminate the risk of losing both the quantity and quality of the crop.

Likewise the “Rule of Harve$t” applies to us. Work hard to CALL AND PITCH all your customers; the sooner the better. This means fewer sales being siphoned off by the competition. Also, at this time of the year, the short days motivate the buyers to prepare for the long dark winter ahead. Harve$t those commissions now and put them in your money bin where they are safe from loss. The lighting business is a money making business…if you treat it as such. Will you earn $10,000 this fall…or $10,000 per month? Now is the time to treat this as the very pro table business that it is! It is time to harve$t and to ll your money bin!! Good Selling!



Curt Kesselring President

Kesselring, Curt new


“Fortune favors the prepared mind “ – Louis Pasteur


Maximize your new account sales by planning l Know where you are going the night before

– Look at google earth or a map

l Make appointments on the y with your cell phone
l Ask for referrals from everyone even if you don’t sell them l If you get to the buyer, sell them even if it is Contract Division

Everyone deserves to be your Customer!



President Curt Kesselring “It’s Here!”


Our new Contract Division eCatalog is alive and undergoing eld testing with Sales Coordinators, Sales Trainers and a cross section of our sales force! We’re con dent that it will do what we intend it to do; capture sales and commissions we are currently passing up with our customers AND add this business with little effort and cost. The site is designed to generate orders on our contract products which are better than those found at Big Box Stores and at equivalent or lower prices. Once an account is set up on your eCatalog site most orders will be placed by customers with little effort on your part. Your efforts will primarily be focused on maintaining and growing your Premium Lighting business as well as upgrading your Contract Accounts to premium products where you can.


In order for you to take full advantage of this opportunity you will have to learn a couple of simple sales techniques. Our plan is to provide each of you individual training to insure you learn, know and are proficient at these simple income boosting techniques. See the Income Booster Outline below to give you an overview of this exciting and pro table new technique! Good Selling!

Curt Kesselring President


Kesselring, Curt new

Vice President Dennis Leno “Change”


Change is a positive thing. It is an essential component to life. Products are sold on its promise and political races are won. We accept change with open arms when it is someone doing it for us. But when it comes to changing ourselves it can be a very different thing. So often people accept a second-rate life instead of becoming the person they were meant to be. Why is that? What are the obstacles to change?

Obstacle 1

Uncertainty – Change is scary to people. It is the Unknown.

Solution: Trust yourself. You have the ability to figure things out. Be spontaneous and learn to thrive on it. This is the key to your success. Enjoy the adventure and live with a pioneering spirit!


Obstacle 2

Nonconformity– People are afraid to stand out. Other people want to label and pigeonhole you. It makes them feel uncomfortable. They want to define who YOU are and have you comply accordingly.

Solution: You have the ability to define who you are. Don’t be afraid of ridicule. Once you build enough momentum they will understand. Never be afraid to tell your dream to anybody! Stopping or starting is up to you.

Obstacle 3

Work– Work is hard. It can be uncomfortable and mean sacrifice. Making mistakes. Having to learn new things!

Solution: Work is also the great leveler. Empires are built on it. Its adversity is what brings out what we truly are! What great thing ever came easy? Embrace the struggle and become the person you are destined to be!


Vice President Dennis Leno


Dennis image

DALE CARNEGIE Principles from “How to Stop Worrying and Start Living”


Principles from “How to Stop Worrying and Start Living”

  1. Rest before you get tired.
  2. Learn to relax at your work.
  3. Protect your health and appearance by relaxing at home.
  4. Apply these four good working habits:
    1. Clear your desk of all papers except those relating to the immediate problem at hand.
    2. Do things in the order of their importance.
    3. When you face a problem, solve it then and there if you have the facts necessary to make a decision.
    4. Learn to organize, deputize and supervise.
  5. Put enthusiasm into your work.
  6. Don’t worry about insomnia.