President Curt Kesselring “Harve$t Time Is Here!”


Every account in your file box can be repeated 1-5+ times between now and Awards Year-end in January! You worked hard to open and develop your account base. Now is the time to harve$t those account$!!

Growing up on the farm, I watched the excitement in my father as we harve$ted our crops…a major portion of our income! He followed his “Rule of Harve$t”! He worked sun-up to sun-down 6 days a week to insure he didn’t lose any of the crop to “The Competition.” On the farm the competition was birds, rain, wind and even sometimes early snow. He wanted to get that grain in the bin and eliminate the risk of losing both the quantity and quality of the crop.

Likewise the “Rule of Harve$t” applies to us. Work hard to CALL AND PITCH all your customers; the sooner the better. This means fewer sales being siphoned off by the competition. Also, at this time of the year, the short days motivate the buyers to prepare for the long dark winter ahead. Harve$t those commissions now and put them in your money bin where they are safe from loss. The lighting business is a money making business…if you treat it as such. Will you earn $10,000 this fall…or $10,000 per month? Now is the time to treat this as the very pro table business that it is! It is time to harve$t and to ll your money bin!! Good Selling!


Curt Kesselring President

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Vice President Dennis Leno “MOVE FORWARD AND LEARN”

Start by doing what’s necessary, then what’s possible, and suddenly you are doing the impossible.
Francis of Assisi

No matter what skill level you are at, you can always be moving forward and learning. A person should always strive to elevate their craft no matter where they are at in their career. Here are four points of focus to help you achieve optimal performance.

1. Mind– develop your mind to navigate life’s challenges. Success begins between your ears! Take responsibility for your attitude. Cultivate positivity through affirmations, quotes, and prayer/mediation. Trust yourself! Be self motivated! Be optimistic, knowing that you can handle any problem. Be resilient and have empathy for others and their struggles.

2. Body– Your first wealth is health. Exercise! Develop your physiology and cultivate well being. Researchers at the University of British Columbia have found exercise has a major impact on brain function. It will do wonders for you even if it’s just a little bit. Having proper sleep, a workout, and healthy food intake all influence your personal performance.

3. Action– The great leveler. When you are in doubt “Work!” This is the key to getting things done. Set goals, prioritize, and plan your day.

4. Communication– Develop your ability to work with others. Motivation, persuading, mentoring are all aspects of this. Find a mentor and be a teacher. Refine the art of giving and receiving. Listen to others and it will be amazing what you learn.

Vice President Dennis Leno

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President Curt Kesselring “Summer Selling”

Too warm to sell… not if you use the sales techniques of our Top Producers! Here is how many of our very best approach Summer Selling:

  1. START EARLY when it is cool. Everyone has buyers who start their days early; before 8:00 and before the heat of the day.
  2. GET REFERRALS from your buyers. We have many Top Producers who NEVER make cold calls. They work exclusively from Referrals inside where it is cool! Steve Gressman REMEMBERS to ask for referrals by setting it as his PRIMARY GOAL when calling on a buyer. By doing this he remembers to ask for referrals… and hasn’t once forgot to give a presentation or ask for the order on his way to a referral!
  3. GET LEADS AND SET APPOINTMENTS ON THE FLY. Get the buyer’s name, cell#, schedule and call from your car when he gets back. Call him ASAP! Many Top Producers only set appointments from their car to eliminate the ever present distractions we all have at home!

The playing field for sales is between our ears. Figure out what it takes to “trick” your brain into thinking of how you can incorporate the above 3 techniques into your sales arsenal.

Summer can be one of the best-selling times because a lot of employees are on vacation which means the “pace” at which a business operates slows down WHICH IN TURN means the buyers you catch in are not as busy and more willing to spend time with you! FOCUS on the positives of summer and you’ll turn it into one of the most profitable times of the year for you!! Good Selling!

President Curt Kesselring

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Maintenance Engineering Spotlight “Michael Camerato- Interview With A Top Producer”


This week we are honoring Michael Camerato as our #1 Field Rep for 2012. In fact Michael has been the number Field Rep 7 out of 10 years, an incredible feat. Michael is a sales person who lets his work ethic and his sales ability speak for themselves. You cannot help but be inspired when you are around him.

Michael is a great sales person and an accomplished pianist. He shared his piano playing talents whil in Fargo, What a treat. this week he will be in his home state of Conneticut to be inducted into the State Baseball Hall of Fame for his athletic ability as a high school player. It seems he excels at everything he does.

Michael congratulations on all of your accomplishments!

Dennis Leno
Vice President Maintenance Engineering

The following questions and answers come from an interview with Vice President Dennis Leno and Top Producer Michael Camerato.

Michael what is it that drives you and helped you become a Top Producer?
“I truly enjoy my career. I love helping people. Customers need my help with their lighting needs, that knowledge drives me and gives me the desire to help them.”

Where does all that personal discipline and work ethic come from?
“First of all, I believe it comes from my parents. My parents were hard workers and they set a great example for me. I also learned discipline from the sports I played. Being good at what I do and the enjoyment I get from helping others also gives me discipline and a good work ethic.”

What is it you enjoy about M.E. today?
“I really enjoy all the support. I appreciate how the staff takes care of my orders, my customers and my compensation. They rarely ever make a mistake, the company support is incredible!”

How do you set goals?
“Weekly. After I set my yearly and monthly goals I break them down into weekly goals. Say I want to write so much for the year, I break that down to how much I need to write each month and each day and use a countdown method. that way I know exactly how much I need to write to reach my goal.”

What are your major goals within the Company?
“I want financial security and Maintenance Engineering helps me do that. I want a certain amount of money in the bank and M.E. helps me do that. I have an investment portfolio and M.E. has helped me do that. I just want total financial freedom and independence and M.E. allows me to do that.

What’s your advice to Rookies and Young Vets?
“Be patient, don’t give up: it’s worth it. Develop a good attitude. See success in what you do– not your failures. Develop a self-discipline and work every day. Don’t waste precious and don’t get discouraged.”

Maintenance Engineering Tips From Top Producers “Jim Wielebski”

wielebski, jim

The following questions and answers come from an interview by Vice President Dennis Leno with Top Producer and Strike Force member Jim Wielebski.

Jim, what is it that drives you and helped you become a Top Producer?

“Several things, first my personal sales philosophy is “good things happen when you are making calls.” I have found that to be so true. Second, I feel a need to help others. Someone helped me. I have a need to give back, and when I do I reap tremendous rewards.”

Jim where does all that personal discipline and work ethic come from?

I set minimum goals for myself. I want a certain income or a certain number of customers. I also view myself as President and CEO of my own company. I have responsibility to myself and my company to run it profitably and efficiently. I also want a certain level of improvement and growth every year. Too many people don’t sit down and set goals. I find that for me setting goals is a powerful thing.”

Jim, what is it you enjoy about Maintenance Engineering today?

“I love the option to sell a quality level that matches a customers needs. It gives me such confidence to approach any customer. I am competitive on any level of quality. I love the personal relationships I have with so many Maintenance Engineering salespeople and managers. I really appreciate the attitude of growth company has. I am excited about the new products Maintenance Engineering is adding and the things we have coming like our new Leadership and Awards opportunities.”

Jim, what are your major goals within the Company?

“I want to continue to grow and learn new things in terms of products and techniques. Secondly I want to continue to grow financially  and as a leader.”

Jim, what advice would you give to Rookies and Young Vets?

“Remember this is a relationship business. People buy from people they like and they buy from people they trust.”

President Curt Kesselring “Be An Early Riser And You’ll Be A Yearly Riser!”

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Frank Grendler says your first quarter determines your year! Be an early RISER in the first quarter and your momentum will carry you through the year! The key to being a QUARTERLY $1,200/week RISER is NEW ACCOUNTS! The key to being a YEARLY $1,200/week RISER is NEW ACCOUNTS… ESPECIALLY those you open in the first quarter because they will be repeated for all of the last 3 quarters!!! THINK BIG, AIM HIGH, go for the $3,000 Luxury Dollars that go with achieving your ALL TIME BEST year. We need to THINK BIGGER! I don’t think big enough. You don’t think big enough. This opportunity is huge and is only limited by our thinking!

Ask yourself what you would need to do to write 3 more $400+ orders each week. Write what you need to do on a 3X5 card and put it in your pocket. Read it thoughout the day. On the other side of the card write “ALL TIME HIGH” RISER.. $1,200+/week. Read that goal every day until you can’t think of anything less than $1,200+.

This opportunity is BIG! Let’s match our thinking to the size of this opportunity. Our actions will follow and the success that matches our thinking will be automatic!!

Curt Kesselring

President of Maintenance Engineering

Maintenance Engineering Vice President Dennis Leno “You Cannot Climb Uphill By Thinking Downhill Thoughts”

So, what are you doing to make 2013 different from 2012? Mary Kay Ash said “What you think about you bring about.” Rhonda Byrne said “Everything…is an inside job.”

What these successful entrepreneurs are telling us is if we are going to have a better 2013 than we did a 2012, we have to think differently. We have to form different habits and it all starts with the way we think.

Zig Ziglar’s quote “You cannot climb uphill by thinking downhill thoughts” says it all. So the question really becomes “How are you going to think differently in 2013?

There is a new motivational book you should get. “The Miracle Morning” by Hal Elrod. In this book, Hal give us an excellent formula to help us change the way we think. The way we set goals.

Here is wishing you a very prosperous 2013!

Dennis Leno

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Vice President Maintenance Engineering