MEBULBS REWARDS SPOTLIGHT : Telescoping Magnetic LED Flashlight”


Telescoping Magnetic LED Flashlight – Z261

  • • Amazing all-purpose tool
  • • More than a flashlight
  • • 3 brilliant white LED’s
  • • Efficient LED’s give 100,000+ hrs of reliable light
  • • Strong magnets on both ends
  • • Attach to any metal surface to light work area
  • • Flexible shaft for hard-to-reach places
  • • Telescopes to 21”
  • • Powerful magnet at light to retrieve items
  • • Locate and retrieve items under cabinets or furniture
  • • Recover jewelry from sink drain
  • • Rugged aluminum construction
  • • Handy Pocket Clip
  • • Compact 6¾” length easily fits in pocket, glove box or tool kit
  • • A must for every toolbox!
SKU: Z261
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VHO Fluorescent Lamps

Xtreme Duty Construction

– Cathode Shield prevents blackening and maintains 80% brightness.

– Advance Lighting Technology

– Extended Life Phosphors (ELP) 42% Brighter than standard lights.

Whiter Brighter 

– Improves visual comfort

– Natural and accurate colors like Sunlight!


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Candelabra Base Compact Fluorescent



-High Temp Components

– Special Gas Fill for quick start

– Heats sinks for removing excess heat

–  Nickel Plated Base for special fixtures and ceiling fans


– Whiter Brighter Light (Like Sunlight!)

– 5 times brighter than incandescents

Guaranteed for 24 months!