President Curt Kesselring “Be An Early Riser And You’ll Be A Yearly Riser!”

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Frank Grendler says your first quarter determines your year! Be an early RISER in the first quarter and your momentum will carry you through the year! The key to being a QUARTERLY $1,200/week RISER is NEW ACCOUNTS! The key to being a YEARLY $1,200/week RISER is NEW ACCOUNTS… ESPECIALLY those you open in the first quarter because they will be repeated for all of the last 3 quarters!!! THINK BIG, AIM HIGH, go for the $3,000 Luxury Dollars that go with achieving your ALL TIME BEST year. We need to THINK BIGGER! I don’t think big enough. You don’t think big enough. This opportunity is huge and is only limited by our thinking!

Ask yourself what you would need to do to write 3 more $400+ orders each week. Write what you need to do on a 3X5 card and put it in your pocket. Read it thoughout the day. On the other side of the card write “ALL TIME HIGH” RISER.. $1,200+/week. Read that goal every day until you can’t think of anything less than $1,200+.

This opportunity is BIG! Let’s match our thinking to the size of this opportunity. Our actions will follow and the success that matches our thinking will be automatic!!

Curt Kesselring

President of Maintenance Engineering


Maintenance Engineering Vice President Dennis Leno “You Cannot Climb Uphill By Thinking Downhill Thoughts”

So, what are you doing to make 2013 different from 2012? Mary Kay Ash said “What you think about you bring about.” Rhonda Byrne said “Everything…is an inside job.”

What these successful entrepreneurs are telling us is if we are going to have a better 2013 than we did a 2012, we have to think differently. We have to form different habits and it all starts with the way we think.

Zig Ziglar’s quote “You cannot climb uphill by thinking downhill thoughts” says it all. So the question really becomes “How are you going to think differently in 2013?

There is a new motivational book you should get. “The Miracle Morning” by Hal Elrod. In this book, Hal give us an excellent formula to help us change the way we think. The way we set goals.

Here is wishing you a very prosperous 2013!

Dennis Leno

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Vice President Maintenance Engineering

Maintenance Engineering Sales Tip “Improve 1% A Day!”

Veteran Manager Diane Pilkinton has used an affirmation that has made her a top salesperson and sales manager. “Improve 1% a day.”

1 % a day doesn’t sound like much but it can add up. Every motivational book you read will tell you to make it a habit to improve something in your attitude, your body, and your sales techniques every day.

Diane you are living proof that your 1% improvement affirmation is a powerful one!

Maintenance Engineering Sales Story “I Want Your Good Bulbs.”


Veteran Jack Coleman relayed a great sales story about one of his customers who is making sure his company continues purchasing Maintenance Engineering bulbs. Jack recently received a call from this customer telling him that he had received some standard brand metal halides; however the customer asked Jack if they came from Maintenance Engineering . Jack assured him they did not as he always ships the premium metal halides.

The customer did some investigating and discovered there was a new purchasing agent and he ordered the short life bulbs. He told the new purchasing agent “I do not want these lamps, I want lamps that last and those come from Jack Coleman and Maintenance Engineering.”

Thanks for sharing this great story Jack of a customer’s loyalty to you and Maintenance Engineering premium quality products.

Maintenance Engineering President Curt Kesselring “Good, Better, Best!”

Maintenance Engineering’s 5 line concept allows you to broaden you customer base beyond those who only want the BEST and who can afford the BEST! Now you have products which the majority of your prospects can afford.

One of the great advantages of the GOOD, BETTER, BEST concept is that it allows you to sell against yourself. Whenever you’re selling against a competitor your words are suspect. The prospect believes you’re just trying to make yourself look better than the competition so you can make a sale. However, when you’re selling against yourself you are more believable. The customer views your presentation as being informative in order to help him make the best decision.

Another huge point, when you’re selling against a competitor, it’s win/lose. When you’re selling against yourself it’s WIN/win. Whatever he chooses, BEST, Better or good…You win!! You get a sale!

Use this new powerful tool to go back on a personal NEW ACCOUNT CAMPAIGN. The price objections are softened dramatically with the GOOD, BETTER, BEST objection answer. The number of accounts you can now sell increases dramatically along with your volume, size of your file box and your income.

This is the perfect sales strategy for these recessionary times. Work with your Sales Coordinator to insure you have the skills and motivation to turn this powerful new product line into a huge income increase for yourself.

Curt Kesselring

President Maintenance Engineering

Maintenance Engineering Vice President Dennis Leno “Cover 100% Of The Market”

“Nothing succeeds like success.” You have probably heard that quote many times, but why is it true? Why does nothing succeed like success?

Look at it this way. to start a fire, you need something to start with, some kind of igniter. That’s why that quote is true and that’s why Mary Kay Ash’s quote is so powerful. The way you ignite a successful fire, the way you get your success raging like a fire is to think success, feel success and be a success.

Imagine if we went around all day saying “I feel successful. I am successful. I am thankful for my great success.” With that attitude we might be able to do what Mary Kay Ash did!

“What you think about you bring about.” -Mary Kay Ash

Dennis Leno

Vice President Maintenance Engineering

Maintenance Engineering Vice President Dennis Leno “10 Steps To Self Motivation”

Here are the 10 steps to self motivation that Vice President Dennis Leno shared in his sales conference. He has personally used these techniques for years and can attest to the fact that they work. We also brought you a comment or example in each of these 10 steps.

1. Read positive books.

a. As A Man Thinketh- James Allen

b. The Power of Your Subconscious Mind- Dr. Joseph Murphy

2. Listen to positive CD’s.

a. Turn off talk radio.

3. Write and rewrite your goals.

a. Write in the present tense like they already happened.

4. Write a gratitude journal.

a. Every morning, write 5 new things you’re thankful for.

5. Do a vision board.

a. Put your goals in pictures too.

6. Use positive affirmations.

a. Control your thinking – What you think about you bring about.

7. Take time for prayer and meditation.

a. Think about who and what you want to become.

8. Get in shape- exercise.

a. A healthy body serves you better.

9. Hang around winners.

a. Hang around people who life and challenge you.

10. Have fun.

a. There is nothing you are doing that you can’t make it fun.