President Curt Kesselring “Summer Selling”

Too warm to sell… not if you use the sales techniques of our Top Producers! Here is how many of our very best approach Summer Selling:

  1. START EARLY when it is cool. Everyone has buyers who start their days early; before 8:00 and before the heat of the day.
  2. GET REFERRALS from your buyers. We have many Top Producers who NEVER make cold calls. They work exclusively from Referrals inside where it is cool! Steve Gressman REMEMBERS to ask for referrals by setting it as his PRIMARY GOAL when calling on a buyer. By doing this he remembers to ask for referrals… and hasn’t once forgot to give a presentation or ask for the order on his way to a referral!
  3. GET LEADS AND SET APPOINTMENTS ON THE FLY. Get the buyer’s name, cell#, schedule and call from your car when he gets back. Call him ASAP! Many Top Producers only set appointments from their car to eliminate the ever present distractions we all have at home!

The playing field for sales is between our ears. Figure out what it takes to “trick” your brain into thinking of how you can incorporate the above 3 techniques into your sales arsenal.

Summer can be one of the best-selling times because a lot of employees are on vacation which means the “pace” at which a business operates slows down WHICH IN TURN means the buyers you catch in are not as busy and more willing to spend time with you! FOCUS on the positives of summer and you’ll turn it into one of the most profitable times of the year for you!! Good Selling!

President Curt Kesselring

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This week we are introducing a New Division of M.E., the CONTRACT LIGHTING DIV. Its goals are to give you a line of products that will allow you to sell every buyer you call on.

#1   It will give you access to products which are good, in demand but don’t meet our PREMIUM-QUALITY STANDARDS. How many times have you been asked for a product we don’t carry in our Premium Line?

#2 It will give you a way to PROFIT from buyers who can’t afford to buy PREMIUM PRODUCTS. Let’s quit sharing “OUR” customers with an internet company as they grow frantically!

This week we are introducing the FIRST of 3 CONTRACT LIGHTING catalogs. This one focuses primarily on LED High Bay and wall mounted LED Fixtures. The 2nd catalog (to be introduced soon) will focus on LED Fluorescent replacement fixtures that will allow you to aggressively pursue retrofit and rebate business. The third catalog due out in 6-8 weeks focuses on LED bulbs that don’t meet M.E.’s Premium Standards but are what our buyers turn to when they can’t afford the best.

Overall this will help you profit from EVERY CALL you make giving you a chance for a significant income boost in 2016!

President Curt Kesselring

Maintenance Engineering

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“Your year is made in the First Quarter.” This observation was made by one of our Top Producers, Frank Grendler in the early years of the Company’s history…still true today!

A year of selling is like a foot race. Stumble and fall coming out of the blocks and you are instantly at the back of the pack! Stumble in the First Quarter of the year and you now need an extreme effort just to get back to where you should be.

This year is the year of NEW ACCOUNTS. This is a year that will be filled with exciting products, new electronic tools AND upgrades in our sales tools. All are designed to help you make MORE MONEY. Bottom line you will need more accounts to take full advantage of the NEW EXPANDED OPPORTUNITY that is unfolding! Make NEW ACCOUNTS your #1 PRIORITY FOR 2016!

Good Selling

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Do Your Best… And That Alone Will Make You Wealthy!- Dennis Leno

My favorite quote from Dennis is, “Do your best… and that alone will make you wealthy!” I’ve never liked setting specific number goals. My fear in setting a hard number goal is; does it reflect my true capability! What if I aim for my goal and hit it? Was I capable of more? If so my goal held me back. Instead, I prefer to focus on doing my best every hour of every week, of every year! WHATEVER I PRODUCE WILL BE MY FIRST BEST!

That doesn’t mean I don’t pay attention to numbers. I do. I look at them daily, weekly, and monthly! When I hit a great number I view it as luck! If I was really that good I’d do it every day/week/month. When I hit a bad number I believe it and use it to motivate myself to do better. I know and through hard work I can move the bottom numbers up.. AND…that will AUTOMATICALLY PUSH THE TOP NUMBERS HIGHER! As Frank Grendler says “The good salespeople put good weeks to back.” Back to back strings are indicative of ability. The longer the string the greater the ability… AND THE BIGGER THE YEAR END INCOME!!

Consequently I focus most on work habits, people skills and priorities.

#1 WORK HABIT GOALS – Keeps me from straying into nonproductive activities.

#2 PEOPLE SKILLS- In sales, it’s all about people. Make it a point to help everyone you meet FEEL BETTER and DO BETTER!

#3 PRIORITIES- First things first and second things not at all!

The tips I’ve just shared work for me. Everyone has to figure out how to make the best use of their time, talents, and abilities and which goal setting techniques work best. Bottom line: focus on those things that will benefit the people you meet, your friends, your family, and yourself every day of the year and you will maximize your SUCCESS…AND YOUR INCOME!!

President Curt Kesselring

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“How to Stop Worrying and Start Living”

  1. Rest before you get tired.
  2. Learn to relax at your work.
  3. Protect your health and appearance by relaxing at home.
  4. Apply these four good work habits.
    • Clear your desk of all papers except those relating to the immediate problem at hand.
    • Do things in the order of their importance.
    • When you face a problem, solve it then and there if you have the facts necessary to make a decision.
    • Learn to organize, deputize and supervise.
  5. Put enthusiasm into your work.
  6. Don’t worry about insomnia.


In order to build a large lighting business you need to have a loyal account base of medium and large businesses that give you the bulk of their lighting business. To do this you must be able to call them frequently and have them take your calls. One of the big keys to getting them to consistently take your calls is to be predictable.

#1. MONTHLY CALL – Be predictable as to when you call. Call after the first of the month and the customer will expect the call making it easy to save their business for you.

#2. CALL LENGTH AND CONTENT – Be predictable in that your call will be SHORT, UPBEAT and have a BUSINESS PURPOSE. This will insure they take your call.

#3. PROMO MATCH – Promotion should match their interests. EVERY TIME you talk to your buyer gather more information about their hobbies and make good notes. This will help you select the right promotion.

#4. DON’T BE CHEAP ON PROMOTIONS – Offer good “Full box” promotions. Step the promo down if they order just a half box BUT give them two promos for two boxes. Remember, EVERY TIME YOU CALL THEM YOU’RE TEACHING HOW TO BUY…LARGE ORDERS ARE REWARDED WITH MULTIPLE OR LARGER PROMOTIONS. Rule of thumb is 4-5% of order.

#5. BE RESPECTFUL OF THEIR TIME – You want your buyers to know before they pick up the phone that this call will be short, fun, hear a great promo story and you will take care of their lighting needs.

So…BE PREDICTABLE. When the buyer hears that you are on the phone they should LOOK FORWARD to talking to you because they know that they’re in for…AND he looks forward to your BRIEF, POSITIVE AND PURPOSE DRIVE CALL!

Good Selling!

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Curt Kesselring

“Aim high, fly high and achieve your dreams at M.E. in 2014!”

Recently in one of his weekly comments, President Curt Kesselring challenged us to aim high, fly high and achieve our dreams at M.E. in 2014! This quote comes from his comments in our January 22, 2014 newsletter. Go back and reread his comments on goals, action plan and commitment. Better yet, print them and hang them on your office wall for 2014.

This week we are reminding many of you of the incredible amount of trip dollars you are on pace to earn if you don’t let them slip away from you. That’s the reason I want you to go back and reread Curt’s comments.

You know, life is only as exciting as you make it. As one of our Olympic gold medalists said “You have to be willing to do the things an average person won’t do.” Now is the time to challenge yourself and make sure you are earning the trip dollars that can put you on every fantastic trip M.E. has planned!

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Vice President
Dennis Leno