There are a lot of ways to sell but nothing matches the cold call in effectiveness and stature! A salesperson who makes cold calls is admired by everyone in the sales profession. The reason is its effectiveness. A Cold Call puts you face to face with the Buyer in their place of business. Face to face allows you to read the Buyer’s body language while hearing what the Buyer is saying AND how the Buyer is reacting to what you say. This allows you to instantly tailor your presentation to that individual buyer.


Cold Calls also put you in the Buyer’s facility and where you can see what products the Buyer uses and their condition. Better yet you can see how your products can help the Buyer improve productivity, accuracy AND attitudes! Best of all a Cold Call allows you to become their friend…and we know people buy from friends. If you’re a Buyer’s friend they will call you before they place an order with for “LAST FOREVER” 3 generations old LED product. The best part about calling on a Buyer in person on your first call as well as repeat calls is they can see that you truly care about them AND their facility. You become their “GO TO” person whenever they have a lighting question or need.


I’ve seen salespeople win over Buyer’s because after a “Hard no” on the first call. The salesperson continued to call on that Buyer whenever the rep was in the area. The Rep soon became a better friend than the Buyer’s existing supplier and demonstrated better service then the existing supplier! This led to the Buyer switching vendors…to our salesperson! As a matter of fact most of the large M.E. accounts were acquired this way!!


Cold Call skills are powerful and effective. Take a look at your sales tool box and see if you are maximizing your use of this most POWERFUL TOOL! It can be the reason you have a FANTASTIC NEW ACCOUNT SUMMER AND A FANTASTIC REPEAT SALES FALL!




President  Curt Kesselring

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A Little More

This week we are reminding everyone about a special tool we have here at M.E. that has made our salespeople a ton of money! That tool is the telephone. The telephone when coupled with great promotions is a tremendous money maker.

Anyone who has ever had the experience of calling his customers and offering them a fantastic promotion in exchange for an order has found just how lucrative this combo is!

Your goal should be to pitch and offer a promotion to 25 customers a day.  25 divided into the number of customers you have will give you the number of phone days you will need. Believe it or not, only 200 customers means you should be spending 8 full days on the telephone pitching your customers. The result will be thousands of dollars in income. If you will be faithful to this formula, there is no limit to the income you can earn as you continue to add new customers to your file box.

Think BIG when it comes to the telephone!

Maintenance Engineering Vice President Dennis Leno


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“Your year is made in the First Quarter.” This observation was made by one of our Top Producers, Frank Grendler in the early years of the Company’s history…still true today!

A year of selling is like a foot race. Stumble and fall coming out of the blocks and you are instantly at the back of the pack! Stumble in the First Quarter of the year and you now need an extreme effort just to get back to where you should be.

This year is the year of NEW ACCOUNTS. This is a year that will be filled with exciting products, new electronic tools AND upgrades in our sales tools. All are designed to help you make MORE MONEY. Bottom line you will need more accounts to take full advantage of the NEW EXPANDED OPPORTUNITY that is unfolding! Make NEW ACCOUNTS your #1 PRIORITY FOR 2016!

Good Selling

Curt Kesselring President

Do Your Best… And That Alone Will Make You Wealthy!- Dennis Leno

My favorite quote from Dennis is, “Do your best… and that alone will make you wealthy!” I’ve never liked setting specific number goals. My fear in setting a hard number goal is; does it reflect my true capability! What if I aim for my goal and hit it? Was I capable of more? If so my goal held me back. Instead, I prefer to focus on doing my best every hour of every week, of every year! WHATEVER I PRODUCE WILL BE MY FIRST BEST!

That doesn’t mean I don’t pay attention to numbers. I do. I look at them daily, weekly, and monthly! When I hit a great number I view it as luck! If I was really that good I’d do it every day/week/month. When I hit a bad number I believe it and use it to motivate myself to do better. I know and through hard work I can move the bottom numbers up.. AND…that will AUTOMATICALLY PUSH THE TOP NUMBERS HIGHER! As Frank Grendler says “The good salespeople put good weeks to back.” Back to back strings are indicative of ability. The longer the string the greater the ability… AND THE BIGGER THE YEAR END INCOME!!

Consequently I focus most on work habits, people skills and priorities.

#1 WORK HABIT GOALS – Keeps me from straying into nonproductive activities.

#2 PEOPLE SKILLS- In sales, it’s all about people. Make it a point to help everyone you meet FEEL BETTER and DO BETTER!

#3 PRIORITIES- First things first and second things not at all!

The tips I’ve just shared work for me. Everyone has to figure out how to make the best use of their time, talents, and abilities and which goal setting techniques work best. Bottom line: focus on those things that will benefit the people you meet, your friends, your family, and yourself every day of the year and you will maximize your SUCCESS…AND YOUR INCOME!!

President Curt Kesselring

Maintenance Engineering

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Congratulations Brian!

Curt, Dennis and the entire office staff would like to recognize and congratulate Brian on achieving his   recent milestone of the $3 Million Dollars Earned Award!

We asked Brian to share some thoughts on his career at M.E. and what it has meant to him.  BB, as he is affectionately known, shared these thoughts.

The early days: The first year of BB’s career he was still farming.

  • BB and his father farmed 640 acres, raised 1,000 head of hogs and 100 head of cattle.
  • His day began at 4 a.m. by doing chores followed by a full day of selling. At the end of his sales day he was still not done. He was back in the field until 11 p.m.

Leadership: Soon after BB’s ME career was up and running, he was promoted to the Home Office as a Manager.

  • People have to trust you when you are in a leadership role. They have to understand you have their best interest in mind. When they realize that, then you have their trust, and that is when their career takes off.
  • Don’t tell them what to do, instead give guidance and suggestions.
  • Treat people the way you want to be treated.
  • Brian retired from Management just over a year ago, however, he still maintains his file box and that dedication is how he reached his latest achievement!

What the M.E. opportunity has meant to Brian:

  • If it is to be, it’s up to me. No one else is going to do it, you have to do it for yourself.
  • All of the new friends.
  • The ability to go and do things I otherwise wouldn’t have.
  • The support from each department at the office is far above anywhere else I’ve seen.


  • Golfing.
  • Spending time with his family. Brian and Donna have 5 grandchildren. Ages 17, 16, 13, 12 & 12.
  • Playing the accordion. BB has a band and they have made several CD’s and play several times a month around the Fargo Moorhead area.

Brian thanks for the great example you have set for the rest of the company!  Thanks for impacting the lives of the people in M.E.  We look forward to many more years together as you continue to service your very loyal customer base!



ENTHUSIASM…How do you catch it?

Sales emotions are responsible for 90% of the selling process through mimicry. Whoever has the strongest emotions, negative or positive, will be mimicked in every sales contact. Since we make our living by selling, it behooves us to be the one with the stronger emotions…and they better be the two sales emotions…CONFIDENCE and ENTHUSIASM.

So how do we develop the ENTHUSIASM emotion every morning…before we meet our first prospect? ENTHUSIASM comes from the belief that we have more positives in our life than negatives AND that our future holds more positives than negatives. In order to believe and feel that positive outweighs the negative in our life we need to consciously work at it. Here are the things we MUST DO every day.

#1. GET UP EARLY! – We need to be confident and ENTHUSIASTIC before our first call. Our pituitary gland produces melatonin every evening which makes us sleepy. In the morning it takes 2 hours for the melatonin to disappear from our blood stream…SO GET UP EARLY!

#2. CONTROL WHAT WE PUT IN OUR MIND! – Remember what computer programmers always say, “Garbage in, garbage out.” The same is true with our mind. SHUT OUT NEGATIVE! Turn the news off. Don’t read newspapers or magazines. Don’t talk to or hang around negative people. If it’s not going to make us feel positive, CUT IT OUT of our mental world!

#3. FEED OUR MIND POSITIVE! – Read something positive every morning. Listen to a positive tape. Talk to positive people. AND MOST IMPORTANTLY talk positive to ourselves. Develop some positive self-talk phrases that we can repeat throughout the day such as:
“Bring on the day…I’m ready.”
“I’m a $5-10,000/wk producer!” (pick a large number)
“Today is going to be great!”
“I’m going to brighten everyone’s day today!”
“I’m going to help everyone I meet today!”

#4. PRACTICE ON EVERYONE! – Start at home in the morning! Be the person who ignites a positive spirit in your family every morning. Don’t worry about their reaction. It doesn’t always show in that other person but I GUARANTEE IT HAD AN EFFECT. Just as water dripping on granite will wear a hole, positive ALWAYS TRIUMPHS.

#5. HANG OUT WITH POSITIVE PEOPLE! – And if you can’t find one during the day, call your manager and tell them you need a dose of POSITIVE…that’s their job. That’s every positive person’s job…to help others be positive.

Enthusiasm is nothing but POSITIVE WORN ON THE OUTSIDE where people can see it and feel it! ENTHUSIASM is felt by everybody and MIMICKED by them. ENTHUSIASM is the “YES” emotion. It has the capacity to REPEL “NO’S” and ATTRACT “YES’S”. Use this powerful emotion and it will insure you are a HIGHLY PAID salesperson!

Good Selling!

Kesselring, Curt new
Curt Kesselring


In order to build a large lighting business you need to have a loyal account base of medium and large businesses that give you the bulk of their lighting business. To do this you must be able to call them frequently and have them take your calls. One of the big keys to getting them to consistently take your calls is to be predictable.

#1. MONTHLY CALL – Be predictable as to when you call. Call after the first of the month and the customer will expect the call making it easy to save their business for you.

#2. CALL LENGTH AND CONTENT – Be predictable in that your call will be SHORT, UPBEAT and have a BUSINESS PURPOSE. This will insure they take your call.

#3. PROMO MATCH – Promotion should match their interests. EVERY TIME you talk to your buyer gather more information about their hobbies and make good notes. This will help you select the right promotion.

#4. DON’T BE CHEAP ON PROMOTIONS – Offer good “Full box” promotions. Step the promo down if they order just a half box BUT give them two promos for two boxes. Remember, EVERY TIME YOU CALL THEM YOU’RE TEACHING HOW TO BUY…LARGE ORDERS ARE REWARDED WITH MULTIPLE OR LARGER PROMOTIONS. Rule of thumb is 4-5% of order.

#5. BE RESPECTFUL OF THEIR TIME – You want your buyers to know before they pick up the phone that this call will be short, fun, hear a great promo story and you will take care of their lighting needs.

So…BE PREDICTABLE. When the buyer hears that you are on the phone they should LOOK FORWARD to talking to you because they know that they’re in for…AND he looks forward to your BRIEF, POSITIVE AND PURPOSE DRIVE CALL!

Good Selling!

Kesselring, Curt new

Curt Kesselring