The Power of Referrals


Field Coordinator Jim Wielebski shared a great story and a great reminder, ask for referrals! He wrote a new account, asked for a referral, sold them, got a referral, sold them and got another referral! It doesn’t end there, he got one more referral that he wrote for another order! Now that is the power of referrals!

Jim Wielebski

wielebski, jim

If you don’t ask, you don’t get and you will miss out on increased sales and income!



President Curt Kesselring “Be An Early Riser And You’ll Be A Yearly Riser!”

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Frank Grendler says your first quarter determines your year! Be an early RISER in the first quarter and your momentum will carry you through the year! The key to being a QUARTERLY $1,200/week RISER is NEW ACCOUNTS! The key to being a YEARLY $1,200/week RISER is NEW ACCOUNTS… ESPECIALLY those you open in the first quarter because they will be repeated for all of the last 3 quarters!!! THINK BIG, AIM HIGH, go for the $3,000 Luxury Dollars that go with achieving your ALL TIME BEST year. We need to THINK BIGGER! I don’t think big enough. You don’t think big enough. This opportunity is huge and is only limited by our thinking!

Ask yourself what you would need to do to write 3 more $400+ orders each week. Write what you need to do on a 3X5 card and put it in your pocket. Read it thoughout the day. On the other side of the card write “ALL TIME HIGH” RISER.. $1,200+/week. Read that goal every day until you can’t think of anything less than $1,200+.

This opportunity is BIG! Let’s match our thinking to the size of this opportunity. Our actions will follow and the success that matches our thinking will be automatic!!

Curt Kesselring

President of Maintenance Engineering

Maintenance Engineering President Curt Kesselring “The Elixir Of Sales- 5 Quick Calls”

If there is a magic potion for guaranteed sales success it is 5 QUICK CALLS. Here are just some of the magical things this cure-all can do:

– Guarantee a great start on the day (especially when started before 8:00 am)

-Cure call reluctance ( you will realize you can handle any situation that comes up)

-Puts you in a positive mind set (makes you feel good about yourself)

– Builds your self-confidence (puts your armor on for the day and makes you feel like a warrior)

– It always produces one of two things; an order..or the energy to make 5 more QUICK CALLS! Try it.

Make every day a series of 5 QUICK CALLS and you are guaranteed to have a great day which will stretch into 5 great days which makes the great week you were looking for. You’ll be amazed by its power of 5 QUICK CALLS!

Curt Kesselring

Curt Kesselring

President Maintenance Engineering

Maintenance Engineering Sales Tip “Improve 1% A Day!”

Veteran Manager Diane Pilkinton has used an affirmation that has made her a top salesperson and sales manager. “Improve 1% a day.”

1 % a day doesn’t sound like much but it can add up. Every motivational book you read will tell you to make it a habit to improve something in your attitude, your body, and your sales techniques every day.

Diane you are living proof that your 1% improvement affirmation is a powerful one!

“Frank’s Corner”- Sales Tips from Maintenance Engineering’s all time #1 salesman

Vice President Dennis Leno and I like to joke about 40 years in the business. In these almost 40 years I’ve known every rep who has ever done a good job in the field from Diane Pilkinton, Jim Frankson, Brian Breitbarth who are now in management helping others succeed like Veterans Mike Alimento, Brett Child, Mike Gilberstad and many others who are the backbone of Maintenance Engineering.

All of those people have one thing in common, it’s what I call “Character”, which has often been defined as “What you do when no one is looking.” It’s getting out early when you’re tire and not feeling %100. It’s making a few extra calls and closing one more time. It’s showing a little extra interest in a buyers personal life which could result in an order.

Character is doing all those thing we all know we should be doing all the time but sometimes neglect to do them. Character is what can make all of us more successful.

Frank Grendler


Maintenance Engineering

Maintenance Engineering Vice President Dennis Leno “Awards Year Ends January 12, 2013”

As I write these comments there are less that  5 weeks left in Maintenance Engineering’s sales year for 2012. Since Maintenance Engineering’s sales year for 2012. Since Maintenance Engineering’s Sales Year is a 53 week year, this allows you the benefit of having an extra week to catch those customers after ringing in New Year.

Planning, Planning, Planning… Have you sat down and planned out your year end? For those of you who are aiming for those Luxury Dollarsm a great year-end plan will be critical. Remember you want to talk to every one of your customers before January 12. In fact the majority of your customers should be talked to before January 1, in case they have excess budget dollars to spend.

Good Selling!

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Vice President Dennis Leno

Maintenance Engineering Vice President Dennis Leno “Power of Role Play”

Did you know psychologists tell us that our subconscious minds cannot tell the difference between a real or imagined experience? Why is this important?

Think of it this way. Our subconscious mind is the set of our power. It automatically controls thousands of mental and physical functions a day. It can also automatically give us the right words, actions, and knowledge to write an order.

So where is the subconscious mind going to  get the pattern so that it can give us the right words, actions, and knowledge during a presentation? From role play! That’s right! When you give you subconscious mind the right pattern, it will give it back to you. That’s why Vince Lombardi said “Practice does not make perfect. Only perfect practice makes perfect.”

So what does a wise salesperson do? They do perfect practice  on their new account presentation, their phone repeat presentation, their appointment presentation, and their promotional pitches.

Perfect practice. Perfect role play. That is what a wise salesperson will do because they know that perfect help from their subconscious will then be received.

Dennis Leno

Vice President Maintenance Engineering